4of5Big Texas spring Dance hall & Saloon is closing its doors for an excellent after 15 years.

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Big Texas Spring, a renowned dance hall and saloon phibìc of Houston, has announced that its company will not endure a 2nd round the Texas bar closings and will rather close for good after 15 years.

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The dance hall tweeted a statement:

"Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have actually been trying to number out a means for our business to endure while maintaining our staff and also our guests safe. Us did no re-open when we were allowed to since we did no feel confident the it would be sustainable if we did. V the Governor newly announcing that bars space again closed, us now recognize that it will certainly not be feasible to operate again."

We have actually sad news come share. Give thanks to you everyone for the past 15 years. Stay safe and take care of each other. Pic.twitter.com/ddlrqju7WP

— large Texas feather (
bigtexasspring) July 2, 2020

On march 18, big Texas created a GoFundMe page to raise money to assistance its staff. Come date, the amount increased was $7,208.

The venue also held a quiet auction in April come auction off memorabilia and also raise funds because that the staff.

Fans of large Texas responded through heartbroken message on Facebook.

"I proposed to my wife on that dance floor. I have been walk there because that twelve years. Made so countless friends. Also had mine wedding reception there. We need to have a huge Texas reunion even if it"s in the parking lot come say goodbye," said Tony Zizzo in a on facebook post.

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Faye Riehl said: "Dance class on Wednesday nights to be my mid-week tension relief. For this reason sad you space closing. Say thanks to you because that the many an excellent memories."

The venue held a multitude of musical acts, consisting of Josh Abbott Band, Turnpike Troubadours, Kyle Park, cross Canadian Ragweed, and Easton Corbin.

"We desire to thank all the people that have been a part of our trip over the previous 15 years. Come our staff, you to be what made large Texas what it was. We’re sorry we couldn’t keep it going for you," said huge Texas Spring.

Big Texas spring is located at 19959 Holzwarth Road, in Spring, TX.

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