Bigg boss 11 January 3: Hina seeks support indigenous Shilpa Shinde and also Vikas Gupta. Hina and also Shilpa together, shot to disqualify Aakash native the game and succeed

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Luv declares he is no much longer siding through Hina Luv join hands through PuneeshWhile Hina and also Shilpa build a grasp plan
New Delhi: Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde will gang up against the non-celebrity contestants to win the Ticket to Finale ~ above tonight\"s illustration of Bigg boss 11. As part of the BB hill task, a giant snow hill was collection up in the garden area the the house and the contestants room to lug bags v other\"s names on them. The contestants will certainly also try to leak the belongings of the bags lugged by the persons in former of castle - and the bags will be weighed at the end of each round. The person, whose name is on the bag weighing the most at the finish of the task, will acquire the ticket come finale. Earlier, Luv Tyagi and Hina cannes were allies in the task however now, Luv declares that Hina is on she own.

It\"s now Commoners vs Celebrities in the #BB11 house! track in tonight at 10:30 pm to uncover out more.

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ColorsTV) January 3, 2018Now, Hina seeks support native Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta. Hina and also Shilpa together, shot to disqualify Aakash indigenous the game and succeed, which outcomes in a large fight between Aakash and Hina. Hina announces with great pride the it was her single motive to throw Aakash the end of the game. Puneesh and also Luv likewise make a strategy and also successfully remove Vikas Gupta.

Luv Tyagi and also Puneesh Sharma team up against
eyehinakhan. Capture all the drama, tonight at 10:30 PM.

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ColorsTV) January 3, 2018For the 2nd round, Hina strategically places herself in ~ the end of the climb so that there\"s nobody behind her and also she\"s appropriate behind Luv. Hina tries to north Puneesh\"s bag which Luv Tyagi is carrying and also gets accused of pushing Luv. She additionally calls Luv \"darpok\" and guards the door that the room v the bags - Luv, who has been good friends through Hina for 13 mainly now, it s okay irked and yells in ~ her.

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The the atmosphere of the house is plainly celebrity vs non-celebrity contestants, once Hina declares she just wants one of the celebrities to win the task!

Luv Tyagi and Puneesh Sharma team up versus
eyehinakhan. Capture all the drama, tonight at 10:30 PM.