Day4: Episode began with Shilpa Shinde breaking down in the restroom area while telling Arshi about her past. However she claims these room the tears of joy as she is liking that Vikas, who damaged her job is acquiring irritated. Reduced to the bedroom, wherein Vikas is extremely irritated through Shilpa, who reportedly abused his mother while mocking him. Vikas decides to take this fight to another level as he makes noise with kitchen tools so that Shilpa doesn't sleep. Then we watch Sshivani Durga repetitively stare in ~ Shilpa and murmur something. This spooks the contestants the end as several of them simply don't want to sleep in the bedroom.

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The contestants wake up to the song, Gulabo from the film, Shaandar. Puneesh Sharma, Benafsha, and Bandgi are pointing out last night's occasion in the bedroom. Puneesh is totally freaked the end by Sshivani together he says that she did some magic top top Shilpa critical night. Reduced to Sshivani in the bathroom area where she is talking to the camera. She tells that the godmen have an ext patience 보다 a normal human being, and if the contestants will certainly poke her then they should be ready for effects too.

Shilpa and also Hina Khan get into a row after the last makes funny of Shilpa's diction if she is reading a letter about the luxury budget task. Then it was time for the next round the the luxury spending plan task. Because that this round Hina, Puneesh and Arshi space selected. Hina was blindfolded and also she had to transfer four hens in a box. The moment limit that is collection by the padosis - Luv Tyagi, Mehjabi Siddiqui, Lucinda Nicholas and Sabyasachi Satapathy was 6 minutes and 22 seconds. Hina manages to complete the task before that and wins this round.


The funny moment of this illustration comes once Shilpa imitates Vikas while every the contestants room in the garden area. That course, that irritates Vikas, yet this time very sewing they don't obtain into a fight. Bigg boss introduces one more round the the job wherein Priyank Sharma, Sapna Choudhary, and also Jyoti Kumari has to make a parrot speak in 12 secs as that's the moment limit set by the padosis. That course, they space not able to execute it.

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In the last round, Vikas, Shilpa, and Hiten are blindfolded and also they need to recognize one pet each just by poignant them. And also they have to do it in 11 seconds. Shilpa refuses to execute the task, if Vikas and Hiten complete it successfully. Soon the house gets split with Shilpa and also Arshi top top one side and also rest that the housemates on the other. Bigg ceo announces that padosis have won the luxury budget plan task. Lock are sent out a luxury spending plan hamper by Bigg Boss.