The owner that 9MAG and also the reigning tattoo king of Chicago, Ryan enjoys a call as one of the most sought-after artist in the country. However despite his success, it deserve to still it is in a struggle to organize down his fractious crew. Now, in the consequences a three-month lockdown and also a salacious scandal the threaten his business and reputation, he"s compelled to close ranks to all but his many loyal crew members.

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After spending years under Ryan and also his relentless monitoring style, Charmaine damaged away come start second City Ink. She"s a constant hustler who places a high value on family and also loyalty. But recently, a falling-out through her company partner, the lose of her mother, the birth of her daughter during the pandemic, and her dad"s cancer diagnosis upended her Charmaine"s world and left her shop in jeopardy.

Though he"s to be a fixture in ~ 9MAG from day one, Don"s an individual life is far from constant. He"s been through countless ups and also downs end the years, consisting of past infidelities that endangered his house life. Now, ~ a health scare that put him in the hospital, Don is ~ above a trip of spiritual, mental and also physical growth, that, which has branching the end from the shop and also opening his own gym.

Phor is a guy of many creative passions. Once he"s not tattooing at 9MAG, he"s usually focused on music, both of which -- choose tattooing -- hasve constantly been an essential outlets because that his self-expression and mental health. Yet now that he haswith a child on the way, Phor is concerned that coming to be a father may mean the end of his rock- star ways.

Jessica came all the method from throughout the pond come take over the tattoo game in Chicago. The London indigenous teamed with Charmaine to start the female-forward second City Ink and give Ryan and also his crew a operation for their money. But after Kitty came onboard, a rift formed in between Jessica and Charmaine, putting the future of their partnership in jeopardy.

Tattoo Artist, second City InkDraya is a fun-loving, confident, self-taught tattoo artist that mastered her craft by the town hall YouTube videos. She sunny and positive mindset masks the reality she is attempting come escape one abusive relationship, a father that abandoned her and a mommy who passed away by suicide. As a recently converted Buddhist, Draya trust in samsara, the bike of rebirth. She hopes second City will bring about a bigger and also brighter future once she can be reborn as the ideal version of herself. When a feasible sibling reaches the end to Draya on society media (on behalf of her claimed father), will Draya"s previous threaten her happy future?

Prince is both talented and funny, yet that doesn"t typical his life is free of obstacles. For an ext than a year, the Wild Wild West next native had actually to tattoo from house while serving home arrest because that a gun charge. And while his connection with his son"s mother is absolutely looking up, she"s do it clear to him that he requirements to step up.
2nd City Ink"s paris Tatted is a soft-spoken, caring bad boy indigenous Chicago"s West next who used his tattoo artistry to get away indigenous the streets. His father was a hardened street soldier, yet Fly is acquisition a different path to set an example for his younger siblings.
Draya is a fun-loving, self-taught tattoo artist that mastered her craft by the town hall YouTube videos. Behind her clear disposition is a most pain, including an abusive ex, a father that abandoned her and a mommy who passed away by suicide. As a brand-new convert come Buddhism, Draya hopes 2nd City squid will lead to a brighter future in i m sorry she deserve to be reborn together the finest version the herself.
Neek is Charmaine"s husband and also the father of she child. Neek keeps Charmaine grounded and helps her save the drama in check. He"s always been there because that her and really stepped up as soon as Charmaine"s mom passed away. However, he and also Charmaine did ruffle a couple of feathers as soon as they made decision to elope.
A founding member the 9MAG, valve is currently on the outs through the crew. Never ever feeling favor he got enough credit because that his function in helping build Ryan"s empire, Van eventually left to start Loyal Ink through several various other crew members. He later on came earlier into the fold, but Ryan cut him loose. Now he"s focused on gift a dad and also building up his fashion line.
As 9MAG"s first receptionist and Charmaine"s cousin, danielle was a main point member that the initial 9MAG crew. Yet that didn"t constantly make because that happy times. Once tensions started to grow between her and Ryan, and the remainder of the crew started to fracture, Danielle had actually to decide whether she wanted to remain a part of the drama or emphasis on she sometimes-rocky connection with Terrence.
Never one to bite her tongue, Lily is well-known for her feistiness amongst other members the the crew. A propelled tattoo artist who is working tough to make a name for herself, Lily is likewise trying to put previous drama behind her, consisting of a fiery and also dysfunctional partnership with Junior, and the murder of her father.
Ashley has actually been v Don ever due to the fact that they met in college, however staying v him hasn"t always been easy. Don"s background of infidelity has tested your relationship numerous times, yet Ashley has dealt with hard to keep their family members together. However, after a major health scare, she began contemplating a relocate to Texas and ending things with Don once and for all.
Nikki to be seemingly the perfect girlfriend because that Phor. The shop owner and also weave entrepreneur to be a devoted partner come him for years and worked hard to support his music career. Yet Phor"s rising star and also sex symbol status led to tension in your relationship, i beg your pardon ultimately ended when his infidelity pertained to light.
Cobra is a tattoo artist in quest of self-love and confidence, even as she battles powerful inner demons. Fueled by her father’s dying words come never give up on she dreams, Cobra is all set to prove come 9MAG and the human being that she is the real deal. But after Hurricane Harvey left her family members unhoused, Cobra discovered herself thrust right into the duty of single provider.
A gifted and also driven artist aboriginal to Chicago, junior is a force to it is in reckoned with. He supplied tattooing come escape native a long family history of gang involvement. Yet sometimes Junior"s brash attitude and also reckless sense of feeling can reason friction in between him and also other employees at 9MAG, as demonstrated through the epic street brawl he assisted instigate in Jamaica.
With her quirky and also unpredictable personality, 9MAG assistant Bella Tatted take it the crew by storm. Constantly the life of the party, she injected a totality lot of power into the shop, also though it generally got ~ above Ryan"s nerves. But when the partying stops, Bella is a committed single mother working difficult to execute right by she daughter.

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Forget Chicago, Kat is just one of the many sought-after tattoo artists in the entirety country. A founding artist of 9MAG, she work conveniently stood out, yet some feeling she was more focused ~ above her very own career than the shop itself. And also when things got messy in between her and also Ryan, she ultimately chose to bounce and take her talents to L.A.