When she talks around how racist the just Area is, contrasted to NYC or Cleveland, her monitoring seems perfectly aligned v the bay Area’s glacial coolness and also assumed superiority that goes v occupying this stunning bit of heaven.

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Echo Brown is in-your-face favor your finest friend ~ above a an excellent night. Capturing her might be one of the most essential things ~ above the just Area theatre calendar.

She’s extremely bright, and funny, and also sharp and also embodies a dynamo of energy that beams the end in a punctuated rate of self-irony, however most of all she is for this reason deafeningly real, your brain will be bouncing favor a ping-pong ball.

Black Virgins space Not because that Hipsters top anything I’ve checked out this year.

She’ll check what black color girlfriends say around how much easier it is to be a black woman in Europe, and a 1,001 various other things that don’t get heard, regardless of this perpetual conversation about race we always seem to be having.

When she talks about how racialism the bay Area is, contrasted to NYC or Cleveland, her observation seems perfect aligned with the just Area’s glacial coolness and assumed superiority the goes with occupying this stunning little bit of heaven, you start to wonder if the two are intertwined. “Voting because that Bernie Sanders doesn’t make you less of a racist,” she posits.

However, I’m acquiring ahead the myself here. Echo Brown’s one-woman present Black Virgins are Not for Hipsters very first opened at the san Francisco Marsh ago in April 2015, drawing rave reviews. After ~ multiple extensions, it’s right now at the Berkeley Marsh with April 23.

To call this story of a tender-sweet Craigslist hookup a critique the hipster culture, that culture of privilege called in a false rigid of poverty, provides it sound lamely tedious. Brown is a funny, funny performer, riffing off every little thing from flannel-shirted lumber-sexuals to corporate whores and also tech startups.

However, something rather is afoot. Brown functions her audience, gathering the energy and also focusing it prior to bringing it down through stories choose the one of her brother’s parol hearing the had plenty of in the audience in tears. You’ll desire to linger after, to decompress when she speak you a bit about the work, emerged out that a course with the Marsh’s David Ford.

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Black Virgins room Not because that Hipsters top anything I’ve seen this year so far. You’ll feel a little an ext connected to the universe after see this and also even possibly a tiny less alone.