Atlanta-bred rock outfit Blackberry Smoke proceeds to preview their forthcoming Homecoming: Live In Atlanta concert film/live album through the video clip release the “Run away From that All”. “Run away From that All” was originally released on the band’s 2018 Find A Light LP.

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The new film and also live album chronicles the southern rock band’s “Brothers and Sisters holiday Homecoming” power at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA back in November 2018, and also is collection for release on November 15th. Homecoming: Live In Atlanta will certainly showcase Blackberry Smoke’s 21-song power from the 2018 concert. Song featured in the band’s setlist the night included “Nobody provides A Damn”, “Let the Burn”, “Sleeping Dogs”, “Running with Time”, “Ain’t obtained The Blues”, “I’ll store Ramblin’”, “Not Fade Away”, “One equine Town”, and “Run far From it All”, to name a few. The film was directed by Lagan Sebert and Ted Roach.

Watch “Run far From it All” from the band’s forthcoming Homecoming: Live In Atlanta below:

Blackberry exhilaration – “Run far From that All”

“We space really excited to have everyone experience an Atlanta Homecoming display at the Tabernacle,” command vocalist/guitarist Charlie Starr said that the band’s forthcoming release in a push statement. “With this live album and also film, we tried to capture that special energy. Us feel that ‘Homecoming’ lets you hear and also see just how much fun we have at those shows.”

Blackberry acting will return to The Tabernacle for the seventh annual edition of your “Brothers and Sisters vacation Homecoming” ~ above November 29th and also 30th. The 2 shows held by the tape will attribute support native Dan Auerbach collaborator Kendell Marvel on November 29th, and Nashville-based outfit The Vegabonds on November 30th.

Fans deserve to head here to pre-order Homecoming: Live In Atlanta.

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For a full list the Blackberry Smoke’s upcoming tour dates, ticketing, and an ext information, head come the band’s website.

Homecoming: Live In Atlanta Tracklist:

1. Nobody gives A Damn2. Wait For The Thunder3. Pretty little Lie4. Let that Burn5. Beat seat In The House6. Medicate mine Mind7. Sleeping Dogs8. Run Away From the All9. Running v Time10. Mr Strike Me Dead11. Mom Mountain12. Ain’t got The Blues13. Free On The Wing14. One equine Town15. I’ll save Ramblin’16. Flesh and also Bone17. No Fade Away18. Ain’t much Left that Me