A base of operations of the Phantoms, a department of the Ebondrake Cult the meddles v dark chi. The Citadel is a prison wherein the Phantoms have captured and corrupted warrior to offer the Dark Lord, including Bonemask, Bokgon Brotherhood, Lycandi, Blackram, Shadowless, and also Hao Society.Requirements/Recommendations:Completion the The not correct Masts and Sogun"s Lament2x stun for the an initial boss.2x Daze for the very first boss.2x Knockdown because that the first boss.Block/Counter/Parry/Deflect ability for the 2nd boss.Party Stealth Invincibility structure (Only Assassins or Summoners have this) because that the final boss.Loot:Legendary Destiny Ring - stage 1Stone the WisdomAwakened Zakhan EarringEbondrake heart ShieldCredits:Shadovv: WriterCorridor:Short empty corridor. In ~ the end is the first boss, that is being locked down by the Ebondrake Illusionsts, through two Kung Fu understand Ebondrakes, four Bonemask Patrol Contenders, Bonemask elite Patrol Troopers, and also the miniboss Bonemask elite Patrol Captain. Attacking the Patrol Captain will aggro whatever in the room; kill the wild Bonemask adds prior to killing the passive force Master Ebondrake Illusionists the awaken Bukka, who will then aggro the person who killed the critical Illusionist.Bukka:

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Normal HP: 11,846,000Hard HP: 18,100,000Enrage: 6:00CC: 2xDouble crowd manage Stun, Daze, and Knockdown is essential here.Rotation:Bukka fights an in similar way to any type of Bonemask elite mobs.Targeted swing.Frontal direct unblockable shout, causes knockback and also knockdown.Targeted swing.Two 180 level frontal swings.Three frontal ferris wheel while walking forward.Dark Chi Circle:After every minute, a post warns “Bukka summons a Dark Chi Circle” and also Bukka performs a fairly fast unblockable area of result shout approximately him and spawns a Dark Chi Circle, a persistent damage puddle, under him. The circle continues to be there permanently and also if ten that these room on the ar Bukka will immediately enrage and wipe the party.Special Phase:Every 10% of Bukka’s wellness he will do the below at random. You need to properly 2x CC, or he will repeat his strike two more times, without any extra CC windows, and also then create second two Dark Chi circles under people. If you successfully CC he will acquire a debuff that stays clear of him from making use of the same ability in succession; all 3 debuffs adjust to "Enfeebled" i m sorry is a 5 second Daze.“Bukka gets rid of his throat”: he will execute a rally call and also summon a pair the Contenders and a Shock Trooper from the entrance, and also then a 2-hit spin with Knockback and Knockdown top top both hits. Dual Stun the spin. Produce "Sore Throat" on effective Stun.“Bukka roll his shoulders”: does a fairly fast field-wide red area of result shout, climate a 2-hit spin with Knockback and Knockdown on both hits. Double Daze the spin. Bukka gains "Dislocated Shoulder" on successful Daze.“Bukka follow me his legs”: fees in the direction of the tank, climate on hitting the wall does a 2-hit spin with Knockback and also Knockdown top top both hits. Double Knockdown the spin. Produces "Broken Leg" on effective Knockdown.Normal mode Differences:Mechanics happen at 90%/60%/30% instead of every 10% that its health.Corridor:A an extremely short corridor containing simply a pair that Kung Fu grasp Defenders, just jump over them, and also glide versus the wall surface of the entrance to de-aggro them.Magolka:

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Normal HP: 8,580,000Hard HP: 13,000,000Enrage: 6:00CC: 2xRotation:This ceo fights very likewise to Kaari mr of Cold Storage.Frontal rectangle-shaped staff swing.Targeted downward hammer swing.Long-ranged linear red rectangular dark breath, inflicts Knockback and Knockdown.3-hit spin v pauses in-between, the critical hit inducing Knockback and also Knockdown. Can"t be CC"d.If the tank stand 9 or an ext meters, Magolka jumps in ~ them producing a unblockable area of effect slam.Special step 90%/50%/10%:Magolka cleanses all debuffs and also jumps come the middle, creating an unblockable area of result that knocks back.A message warns “Magolka offers Magol Insight and also summons help” and Magolka will certainly plant his employee in the ground and summon a pair the adds: Bonemask Machung that does an area of result shout, and Ploggle Golsun that throws toxicity projectiles, at random positions in the eight one on the field always on the opposite ends. At the exact same time anyone will get the "Magolka Energy" debuff. Death the two adds automatically to dispel the debuff.Magolka deserve to be CC"d and Grabbed/Phantom Gripped/Grappled/Aerial right after summoning. If there is an Assassin in the party, let them usage Webbing top top Magolka, but do not strike the net or it will break. Lock should have actually the greatest priority in webbing, as they deserve to still struggle the mobs with Magolka webbed.Magolka does one of the following:Long-ranged linear unblockable dark breath.Fires projectiles at random world that inflicts Knockback and also Knockdown.Magolka walk a five field-wide unblockable area of effect stomps. If Magolka energy isn"t dispelled, anyone receives an inescapable lockdown that ignores iframe and also each struggle does an extremely high damage, through the final hit being a Knockback and also Knockdown. Additionally, the adds come to be immune to further damage, and also are then took in by Magolka offering him a irreversible stackable "Enhanced strike Power" buff which boosts his damage and likewise heals him by 5% every add.After the stomps, over there is a really brief home window where Magolka can be CC"d.Special step 70%/30%:Magolka cleanses all debuffs. A message warns “Magolka creates Orbs the Corruption” and Magolka will certainly plant his staff down and also create a sphere on among the eight circles in the room. This regular fires roots at random people. More Orbs will spawn in time unless Magolka"s following attacks are interrupted, yet do no Grab/Phantom Grip/Grapple him at any suggest in this phase uneven you have the right to kill the by then.Magolka jumps come the furthest human being from him.Magolka does a field-wide unblockable area of result roar, which deserve to be stopped with CCs. If not interrupted, he will certainly perform an additional roar which cannot be CC"d.Magolka raises his staff, climate charges in the direction that the furthest person, which he have the right to be quit with Block/Counter/Parry/Deflect skills.Magolka repeats the jump, roar, and charge two an ext times. He will not repeat the staff increasing animation.Magolka jumps come the middle.A post warns “Magolka triggers <#> Orbs that Corruption” and also the orbs will start relocating around, and bounces back if they struggle the wall. Meanwhile, the boss will certainly be shoot projectiles in ~ everyone. Block/Counter/Parry/Deflect the orbs within 15 seconds or castle explode, perform high damage throughout the entire field (can be iframed), and administer Magolka a long-term stackable "Enhanced assault Power" buff which increases his damage and likewise heals that by 5% every orbs.Normal setting Differences:Mechanics happen at 90%/30% adds and also 60% jump/roar/charge, instead of 90%/50%/30% adds and 70%/10% jump/roar/charge.Magolka does no spawn any kind of Orbs that Corruption; he will certainly not tree his staff right into the ground and also skip directly to jumping.Corridor:Jump over the tongue Master, Kung Fu Master, and also Force Master senior Guards and Destroyer an elderly Guard in your way as you head come a spiral staircase. Over there are five prison cells together you head down the stairs, just the very first four are easily accessible until all of them space cleared. Each cell is guarded by a pair of blade Master, Kung Fu Master, or force Master guard Cadets and a Destroyer guard Cadet (Destroyer Guard has actually inherent True Sight, and also can check out Assassin football player in stealth) and also houses a miniboss the is inactive with the pressure Master Illusionists hovering over them. This Illusionists pulse a buff, differing by cell, to each of the minibosses in the other Cells.Force grasp Bi Chunhan and also Kung Fu understand Lak Rin that the Bokgon Brotherhood, the very first bosses of dig of the Exiled. When sealed, castle pulsate "Bi Chunhan Defense", providing 40% damage reduction to the various other jailed minibosses.Spearman Chuluun the strong and Archer Sakhi the Swift that the Lycandi, assisting NPCs native Awakened Necropolis. When sealed, lock pulsate "Lycandi Dodge", granting 45% Evasion to the various other jailed minibosses.Blade master Wun Gwangyi, Flame force Master Fah Ri, and also 58.3k HP Frost force Master Ise Si the the Blackram, the second bosses the Blackram Narrows. When sealed, castle pulsate "Wun Gwangyi Defense", granting 40% damages reduction to the various other jailed minibosses.Assassin Dark Striker, Blade understand Nightshade Warden, and Force understand Nightshade Warden of the Shadowless, the bosses that Shadowstrike. If sealed, they pulsate "Black Viper Dodge", granting 45% Evasion to the various other jailed minibosses.Kung Fu understand Choi Mansik, Assassin Weasel, Hammer Brute Diamond, and also Force grasp Red Fox that the Hao Society.Split her party to kill everything and also everyone in the very first four cells, then get rid of the final cell. ~ the last cell is cleared, walk through the doorway to the last cell to cause a cutscene that clears the barrier to the final boss. If you shot to get in the last boss chamber there is no triggering the cutscene, you will certainly die instantly.Bale Phantom Zakhan: