Do note that together of right currently Warlock is really only war its half of the class due to it being initially released at lvl 50 and despite other videos u watch from other regions this wl is nerfed hard and even harder at lvl 45 however lv50 quickly so yay.

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Warlock has an ext dps and party support?

I'm looking for a ranged character together an alt. Ns don't desire the Summoner since I don't really favor Lyns therefore that's out of the question.

From what ns understand, Warlock is prefer a ballista, a stationary caster. Force Master is an ext mobile and also yet also more defensive as result of ice an abilities and more iframes. Warlock has an ext dps and party support? Visuals wise, both room really cool come me. I choose to it is in mobile therefore I'm type of leaning towards pressure Master but, WL/FM mains, what about your class makes friend love it? Aka convince me come play either class.


I should mention that i intend to largely PvE, so your prowess in PvP matters not to me.I should point out that ns don't an especially like come PvP (will sometimes 3v3 through clan members but PvE is my main focus)

Hm, there yes, really is only one person here who's choose "definitely this class!" lol. Many thanks for all of your entry though! It's quiet a difficult call because both look therefore cool however I think I'm leaning an ext and more towards FM.

A many of human being complain that Summoners don't should put forth practically as much effort to be good in PvP as various other classes, i can't to speak this because that myself since I haven't touched PvP due to the fact that I got to blade and soul gold on mine BM throughout the an initial pre-season (though ns remember Summoners not giving me too lot trouble... Despite that's probably since everyone in mine rank was a noob... Including me). It's no lie the Summoners can quickly hide behind their cats so if it's not as bad as 2 football player vs 1 player, it's absolutely worse 보다 a directly up 1v1 because it is daunting to ignore the cat uneven you immediately sleep it. (can the cat escape that? I'm not sure... Perhaps someone with an ext PvP understanding can explain this)

I know around the faction dailies, but I nearly always carry out them with my clan, otherwise i skip the open civilization PvP quest.I typically learn some PvP because sometimes ns actually reap it, simply that PvP is no my key focus.

I would say select whichever one u like the ideal if equal in liking possibly make both if ur so inclined i determined fm cause i rlly prefer it and also was only spreading class in ~ da time. Do note that as of right now Warlock is really only war its half of the course due to it being initially released at lvl 50 and also despite various other videos u view from other regions this wl is nerfed hard and also even harder at lvl 45 but lv50 soon so yay.

Some straightforward things around each:

WL: impressive buff cd reset access to awakened an abilities loved in ppts however super lengthy cd

Does a how amazing amount of dmg have the right to be speced to acquire a best downtime the 12s

Stupidly high explode when managed right however little no no dps once not managed/ every cds down

Basically wl is a nuking course with super high burst and also some pt buffs however super squishy and also outside those burst skills it has actually like 0 dps. You require to control ur cds well and also the whole class is based off CD resets in order to administer continued burst.

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High dps, simple to reason sustained dps

Can anicancel come fire off lots of skills in a brief amount the time to further increase dmg

only 2 def skills (1 uses to pt) both have long-semi lengthy cds (30 and 60s)

3 iframes total including SS

Basically fm is a "run and gun" form it offers lots that dmg (A LOT) yet thats countered through its 2 long cd an abilities which needs to be conserved for the appropriate moments and lackluster tanking ability. Note to carry out the best dmg depends on how well ur ani canceling is i beg your pardon if u dont ani release or are very bad in ~ it then ur dmg kinda falls off also ur dps is rather reliant on burn debuff.

Some skills:

Blaze beam (hits favor a truck) no cd

Divine veil : aoe shield protects pt mems within variety from projectiles (ONLY)

Frost sheath: aoe def skill reasons u to it is in encased in frost armour as soon as hit, super useful for annihilation boss moves

Ice armour an individual def skill 1 min cd heals and also resists

Duel dragon/Dragonfrost/blaze: supplied with orbit stacks which u get from using certain skills, dragonblaze/frost solitary target reasons some effects and also hits hard. Duel dragon hardest hitting skill liner aoe reasons effects