We are often available cute, attractive, sexy also males ~ above anime. Whether it to be fanservice, or simply a pure coincidence from the mangaka, as if, us duly evaluate it. This time, however, we stray far, much away from that path and also those attractive males. Today, we will talk and also delve right into the cutest and most attractive anime girls v blonde hair and also blue eyes. True that beauty comes in every shapes and types, but these beauties trim all those species and shapes into ones, blonde hair and also blue eyes!

10. Kyouko Toshinou ( Yuru Yuri )


Kyoko, in spite of being 14-years-old, is quite tall for her age. She is adorned v a lengthy blonde hair and blue eyes. She generally wears her school uniform, often seen through it. Anytime she’s not at school, Kyoko wears flashy costumes; cosplays, even.

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Kyoko’s personality is upbeat, nice, and rather loud, despite being a selfish person. She frequently annoys Yui; has actually a to like on Chinatsu. Kyoko’s likewise lazy and not that into studying, however she is a talented artist. However, Kyoko has tendency to get great grades after cramming. She is also a hardcore otaku; she loves drawing doujinshis over studying.

9. Tina Sprout ( black color Bullet)

Looking at her one means or another, Tina Sprout is one cute ten-year old initiator. Her very first appearance in the anime was in a collection of pink pajamas. Her face is adorned v short, platinum blonde hair. Tina usually wears a long green and also black dress, mostly throughout her assassinations.

Despite she poker-faced looks, Tina appears to have actually child-like traits, such together calling Rentaro a superhero. She relies a many on caffeine tablet computers to stay awake for her job. Tina, also, does not hesitate when it involves following orders. Later, the is revealed that Tina doesn’t favor killing, and also is regularly reluctant. Top top the shining side, in spite of being a child, she has actually abilities like Initiator’s Ability: Agility; Initiator’s Ability: Recovery.

8. Ino Yamanaka ( Naruto )


Ino Yamanaka is an only child that Inoichi Yamanaka. As result of her beauty, she to be popular throughout her time in the Academy. In ~ a young age, Ino leaned towards confidence, friendliness, and also boldness. Sometimes to the allude that was considered outspoken, as she lashes the end at rather for your behaviors, speak they annoyed her. Ino, rather often, deals and takes charge of she troublesome teammates; urges them, too. She is obsessed with losing weight and also her outer beauty. That shows on the exterior, together she is a beautiful blonde v striking blue eyes.

Despite her somewhat shallow thinking, Ino have the right to sometimes be compassionate and kind at heart. No matter exactly how candid she was, Ino quiet treasured the relationship she had with her teammates. However, not only her teammates, but most of her friends indigenous the academy and the village. Top top the various other side, Ino knows rather a lot about flowers, their meanings. In short, she’s right into floriology.

7. Annie Leonhardt ( strike on Titan )


In every anime, there is simply one thing about poker-faced characters. Especially if the character is a beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed female, right, boys? Annie may be uptight, silent, assertive, yet nobody have the right to deny just how pretty she is. As well as that, Annie Leonhardt is a graduate of the 107th cultivate Corps, and a member that the military Police Brigade. Annie proved herself as one of the most skilled females, in the anime, as soon as it pertains to combat, martial arts specifically. Not only that, yet she wields swords exceptionally.

On the various other hand, Annie is fairly young, and also somehow short, yet with fit, muscular physique. Concerning her personality, Annie’s thought about isolated, a loner, really. She rarely develops friendships, however she seems to have a soft spot for Armin, together she do the efforts to assist him. This stone-cold blue-eyed female has an aura of silence accompanied v an frequently expressionless face. Most of the time, she is unmoved.

6. Krista Renz ( assault on Titan )


Another graduate that the 104th cultivate Corps is Krista Renz. Krista, by far, is the smallest, most petite soldier that the 104th maintain Corps. She has actually long blonde hair, a heart-shaped face, to an extent of getting defined as angelic. Also, she large, to mark blue eyes. Because of her ethereal beauty, Krista often gets compliments on her looks, largely notes on just how too quite she was, and also how very kind, hence rendering human being thinking she was a goddess or one angel.

Concerning she personality, Krista’s labeled as a timid, kind, and also poor at connecting with others. Despite all that, Krista has actually some significant suicidal inclinations lurking about. She often expresses those thoughts as a desire to dice in a manner therefore she would not be hated. Greatly so world would remember how an excellent she was and also talk about her passionately.

5. Ayame Shaga ( Ben-to)


This half-Italian girl called Ayame Shaga dram a personality of one avid gamer. She uses her sly ways to get whatever she wants, particularly with her cousin. Many thanks to she brawling because that bento rather often, she got called Beauty by the Lake, Mizumi no Reijin. Ayame often wears glasses through her school uniform.

Ayame’s personality clashes, as she has actually a rather combined one. She deserve to be affectionate, specifically to Satou, frequently flirting through him. Ayame’s ways of flirting is pushing her chest versus his earlier or arm, which earns her a very flustered Satou. On the other side, Ayame tends to sway towards stubbornness; not to mention she is conveniently irritated, especially by Sen Yarizui. Ayama is, simply put, a such a jealous female as soon as it comes to Satou.

4. Kaori Miyazono ( Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso )


Kaori Miyazono, a key character in her Lie in April, theatre the violin, helping Kousei Arima through his return ~ his mummy death. Indigenous childhood, Kaori illustrated the beautiful, cute blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl she was. She seems to present an aura of light and warmth about her at any time she went.

A free-spirited musician, who loves showing her personality as a style of playing, perfectly defined the personality of Kaori. Most of the time, she is friendly and encouraging, simply as the is plastered ~ above the present with Kousei. However, she have the right to be fairly unpredictable, together she grew up, she constantly adjusted her interests. Kaori constantly put others prior to herself, to the suggest she smiled at anything despite her feelings.

3. Chitoge Kirisaki ( Nisekoi )


This beauty beauty is called Chitoge, she was half Japanese; fifty percent Caucasian. That outcomes in calling she Hāfu. As result of her blended breed, Chitoge has actually a an extremely fair skin, to the allude she was pale. That clashes v her bolder aqua blue eyes, and also long, lengthy blonde hair. The edge of she hair take it a pink ombre hue to them.

Aside from human body facts, Chitoge’s personality can be rather striking and also strange. She is really smart; expert in both English and Japanese, despite she spent many of her life in America. Chitoge’s additionally a bit forgetful around matters; aggressive, as she is rapid to assault those who innerve and anger her. She has an tremendous strength, thus one should not piss her off. However, once she befriends someone, it s okay close come them, she opens up up come her natural state. She i do not care talkative, nice, and helpful.

2. Sena Kashiwazaki ( Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai )


Sena is a tritagonist, that being the 3rd protagonist in the anime collection Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sakunai. Concerning appearance, Sena look at a lot choose her mother, beautiful, young, and also blue-eyed. Her buxom body earns she a the majority of teasing native Yozora. Sena constantly wears her butterfly hair clip.

From the outside, we deserve to all agree the Sena knows how and what to dress for she body. Yet, from the inside, she appears to host some arrogance and pride in her nature, and is conscious of it. Sena, most of the time, treats she classmates as servants, or quite ‘doormats’ as she called it. That have to be because of her thinking of herself as a goddess or a queen. However, her cute, childish side shows up whenever Yozora insults her. She ego it s okay shaken, she bursts right into tears, and throws chilidh insults in ~ him and also runs away.

1. Teresa ( Claymore)


Most characters in claymore have actually blonde hair, is what she thinking, right? among the warriors capable of outdoing the initial Abyssal ones is Teresa. Prior to joining the Organization, Teresa had actually flowing black hair, and equally black color eyes, i m sorry she believed were her best features. Like any kind of other Claymores now, Teresa is adorned with silver-blue eyes and blonde hair.

During she trainee years, Teresa constantly tried to escape, therefore earning the surname “problem child.” Teresa’s previous personality stop the card of being as well merciless, enjoying she solitary kills, accepting any type of assignment there is no complaint. As a rather sadist, Teresa delighted in intimidating townsfolk. Nevertheless, Teresa did have actually a soft, caring next to compliment she violent nature.

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Tough, strong, beautiful, and also haunting space these girls. However, this list is over, just like an ex. We wish this humble list was to your liking. Your opinions are many appreciated, probably you’ll inspire united state to write an additional list for the services of gift fair to the others.