There room a handful of times in Bloodstained wherein the method forward is incredibly obtuse. Right here are the four primary problems, and how to resolve them.

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John CeccarelliJul 8, 2019

Bloodstained: routine of the Night is a fun ride from start to finish, mirroring clear homage throughout the trip to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Every aspect of the video game can be traced ago to part component that SOTN, consisting of a “bad” ending, and also having to dual back ~ above previous areas with new found abilities (a core facet of Metroidvania games). However, wherein SOTN was rather straightforward and also obvious on wherein to head next, Ritual of the Night is extremely obtuse in a grasp of situations. Limiting spoilers, here’s the significant roadblocks to Ritual the the Night.

Post-Boss fight in the pair Dragon Towers

After laying the smackdown on the ceo of the twin Dragon Towers, instead of receiving a brand-new ability like various other bosses, you land next to a chest include a an essential item – the silver Bromide. You’re climate left with no clues or principles on what to carry out next. From here, travel back to Dominique and also she will snap your photograph presenting you with Identification. As soon as you have this item, jet over to OD (the librarian), and a dialogue will start where friend will get the item compelled to get on the train (the lengthy hallway under the twin Dragon Towers area).

Spelunking in the watery caves after ~ draining the blood fountain

Once you drain the blood fountain, you’ll find yourself diving deep right into the caves underneath the castle. Throughout, you will do it likely an alert there are numerous water areas where it appears you’ll be able to delve down, unfortunately, all you carry out is rise (no scary clowns here though). You will eventually come to a room during your expedition with jellyfish-like creature and also two floating communication in the center of the room. To receive a shard allowing you to traverse underwater, you need to kill this enemies. The an initial shard is not an automatically drop from them, so you may need to leave and also re-enter the room and kill the jellyfish many times. When you have actually this, you can jet roughly underwater to your heart’s content.

After obtaining the Invert shard – taking care of the spike trap

Once you do your means through the Inferno area and also defeat the boss there, you get the Invert shard, permitting you to fully clear the end those pesky missing areas on your map, and making traversal a snap (to usage the invert shard, with the left rod input *down* adhered to by *up*, and also then push jump). After more exploration, you will do it come across a spiked hallway in the cathedral (extremely storage of the spiked hallway in SOTN). You’ll require to dual back to where you dealt with the pair dragons and also use the invert shard to uncover the chest containing the armor it is negative spike damage.

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Once friend fight Gebel and slice the blood moon rather of death him, you’ll need to go find another blood moon in the lock to progress. This is located in the garden of silence on the means to wherein you dealt with Zangetsu for the very first time. Once you discover the red moon, assault it v your nifty katana, and also jump on v the portal.