I got two brand-new sniper rifles from the gold key chest. One has about 7000 basic damage. The various other is E-Tech "consumes 2 ammo per shot" and also has a little over 10000 base damage. When I check fire them (noscope headshots) at the dummy the 7000 base weapon does around 110k damage. Periodically it likewise causes elemental damage over time. The 10000 base weapon does about 70k because that the very same shot.

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The only thing I can think of is that my One shooting One Kill skill does not count ~ above the E-Tech weapon, presumably because of "consumes 2 ammo per shot". I have actually 5+4 point out in the for 108% bonus damage.

(sadly the 7k base damages weapon is Dahl and also thus burst when zoomed)


From my endure of the game, spend multiple ammo every shot go not influence One Shot.

In addition, if friend look in ~ the actual text, the doesn"t speak "first bullet" however "first shot" so, to me that shows that the ammo consumed has nothing to execute with the skill at all.

As a slight aside, I check out this online and also it assisted me a entirety bunch, try and obtain the distinctive gun "Infinity" which deserve to be had by agriculture Doc Mercy. It spend no ammo and also so the game treats that as always having 1 shoot in in the clip and also so, every solitary bullet that comes out of there is treated together the very first bullet native a fully loaded magazine. Works absolute wonders with the One shooting skill.


If the Non-E-tech total is a fire elemental gun it gets a damages multiplier to flesh of 1.5 in playthrough 1, and 1.75 in playthrough 2. For this reason if the E-tech one is non-elemental, explosive, electric, or slag that would only be time 1. If it"s corroisve its even worse and versus a meat target would certainly be multiplied by 0.9 in Playthrough 1 or 0.6 in playthrough 2.


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go the Mechromancer's 'Electrical Burn' skill likewise cause burn damages effects from various other skill-based shock/electrocute status damage effects?

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