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At the boys & girls Club, youth have actually the possibility to check out a range of nationally well-known programs in a fun and supportive environment.

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At our Clubs, we offer high-quality, affordable summer programming for every youth. Children can attend devoted summer job camps and also dive right into topics including the arts, sports, science, exploration, leadership, and more.



Year-round youth sporting activities programs that room positive, fun, and assist kids and teens construct a healthy, energetic lifestyle.

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54% of our alumni said the Club saved their life, so once you give, you help Boys & girl Clubs provide a safe location to go after school and life-changing opportunities they i will not ~ get anywhere else.

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Whether her gift is time, talent, or treasure, everyone benefits:




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Gamechangers teen Late Night

In partnership with the Seattle Seahawks, Gamechangers is a Club program for teens with five in-person events, concentrated on fun and motivation on Friday nights. Beginning October 1 and ending v a Seahawks game Day suffer on January 2, teens from Clubs throughout greater Seattle gather because that creativity, games, and learning experiences with Seahawks partners. <…>

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