Now, more than ever, it is essential to offer families a childcare an option that is safe, enriching, and also fun because that Estes Park children. In early on 2020, the boys & girls Club’s Estes Park summer program faced financial uncertainty, Estes Park United, United way of Larimer County, and also other generous donors stepped in to ensure youngsters who need out of school care the most, acquired it. The result? Thirty-five percent the the program expenses were covered and also kids had actually safe, affordable care for the sixth summer in Estes Park, Colorado.

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As us close 2020 v uplifting ar news, United way of Larimer ar is proud to announce the partnership v Boys & girl Clubs that Larimer ar (BGCLC) to provide year-round programming to Estes Park kids.

Since 2015, boys & girl Clubs that Larimer County, in partnership v Estes Park elementary School and the Food bank for Larimer County, have actually operated a summer program to give Estes Park youth access to a fun, safe, and also enriching environment while their parents worked.


Each summer due to the fact that 2015, BGCLC would go back to Estes Park with wishes of eventually growing into a year-round program. This year, the pandemic added to BGCLC extending programs in Estes Park after the summer regime to administer remote learning support.

Now, to assistance students year-round, BGCLC arisen a substantial partnership arrangement with the Estes Park college District. The society will support students specifically in the freshman Program, both throughout the college day, and then straight the guys & Girls club after college program as soon as the institution day is completed.

provide for kids

The boys & Girls club after institution program consists of homework help, scholastic enrichment, fitness and recreation, arts, and building health and life skills. This model gives consistency for both youth and also families; it likewise gives extr support to few of the most delicate youth in Estes Park. Generous donors assistance this totally free programming for students.

With a $75,000 annual commitment for the next three years, United means of Larimer ar is proud to carry out sustainable assistance to this program.

“This was an chance to both meet the unique and equity-focused needs in Estes Park that impact all that United way of Larimer County’s priority areas, and also demonstrate a new and explicit means of working as a sector. We want institutions like the boys & girl Clubs the Larimer ar to administer their vital services, making systematic impacts, without also having to carry out the hefty lifting that fundraising alone. With the additional partner that Estes Park college District literally opening their doors, the was an easy decision for united state to join this partnership,”

said Deidre Sullivan, President and also CEO the United method of Larimer County.

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"Boys & girl Club has been a lifesaver for my family. We might not have acquired through the summer without them. We space so grateful that they are currently operating year-round in ours community. My youngsters love it there and also we recognize they space safe and also having fun every day," parent of one Estes Park club Member.

Boys & girls Clubs of Larimer County’s CEO, Kaycee Headrick, says, “We space honored to be able to offer this form of organization to the youth and also families in Estes Park. We understand that this cooperation will benefit some the the youth and also families that have been struggle the hardest by COVID-19.”

Boys & girl Clubs that Larimer County is composed of a for sure place, staffed by trained professionals, providing premier youth advance programs to youth eras 6-18. In Larimer County, BGCLC is the least expensive, comprehensive, facility-based, out-of-school regime that includes meals, varied positive youth breakthrough programming, and mentoring. BGCLC offers services in fort Collins, Estes Park, Loveland, and also Wellington and also serves over 3,000 youth annually. To learn more about boys & girl Clubs that Larimer County, visit www.BeGreatLarimer.org

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