Brad Pitt has actually been left reeling by shock claims that actress Kate Hudson is pregnant – and also he might be the dad.

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The actor, who is rumoured tacoemojishirt.come have had actually a short fling through Kate previously this year, is ‘totally in a spin’ through the surprise development, nervous that it could influence his confusing divorce and custody instance with estranged wife Angelina Jolie.

The ugly court battle has currently seen disturbing allegations of alcohol addiction and child abuse do public, and Brad is worried the a shock pregnancy so quickly after his marriage split could give Ange even more ammunition.

‘This is accurate the last point Brad requirements at the moment,’ says a resource close to the actor. ‘He’s been locked in extreme negotiations v Angelina end having an ext access to the kids and also she is using everything she deserve to to gain the top hand.

‘Now hearing the Kate pregnant rumours is just going tacoemojishirt.come rile Ange increase even much more and get her jealous – and also angry. Brad is dreading that being carried up in court proceedings. Speak of a pregnant couldn’t have happened at a worse time.’

News of Kate’s surprise broke last week, with US magazine Star reporting that she is 4 months pregnant v her third child, believed to be a baby girl.

Kate Hudson and also her musician beau Danny Fujikawa in ~ the Snatched premiere ago in May.

The actress – who’s currently dating musician Danny Fujikawa – is thought to it is in ‘freaked out’ end the identification of the baby’s father.

‘I wouldn’t blame Kate if she freaked the end a little bit when she learned she was pregnant,’ a source close tacoemojishirt.come Kate said Star.

‘I gambling she immediately started scrolling through her calendar, trying to check out if she can narrow down the conception date so she could figure the end if the baby was Brad"s or Danny"s.

‘Danny may think it’s his, however the fact is Kate got together with Danny shortly after her fling with Brad, so i think it’s difficult at this allude to understand who the father can be.’

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