Hey hey hey! Mr. HangmanGo gain your ropeYour daughters weren"t careful,I are afraid that i am a slippery slopeNow even if ns lay mine head under at nightAfter a job I acquired perfectly rightShe won"t knowShe won"t knowShe won"t knowSo pray, tiny Kay, love"s God on a good day.And girlfriend can"t blame her mother,She"s trying not to view you as her worst mistakeAnd i wish the I can tell you best now, that ns love youBut it looks like I won"t be aroundSo friend won"t knowYou won"t knowYou won"t knowYou won"t knowSo believe in me,Believe that you think I"ll let you downWell i won"tThey deserve to fire whatever they"ve gotAnd once you think I"m sunkI will certainly float on and also onI have shed the bush that spanned my lightAnd currently I"m scared ns won"t burn the brightBut you won"t knowYou won"t knowYou won"t knowYou"re never going to feeling as complete as girlfriend feltSo let"s go outside and also we"ll play wilhelm TellTake her time illustration your beadI"ll stand together still together you need"Cause you"re so great at talk smack,You love attackBut you"re the apple of mine eye anywayMy laugh face, it"s on her plate, it"s ~ above a silver plateSo lock say,They say in heavenThere"s no husbands and also wivesOn the day the I display upThey"ll be totally outOf their forgiveness suppliesAnd ns cant usage the telephoneTo phone call you that I"m dead and goneSo you won"t knowYou won"t knowYou won"t knowYou won"t know

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You Won"t recognize Lyrics as written by Jesse Lacey

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My InterpretationAs someone discussed above, I see this album together a whole as a story surrounding the infamous Limousine song.I"ll rest it under the ideal I can. And realize this is simply one interpretation, this whole story might be false and just the product of who who has actually too lot time on your hands.The story, ns believe, starts with Welcome to Bangkok, finishes the album, and circles ago to the beginning, and also finishing v You Won"t Know.Welcome come Bangkok"Space Cadet traction Out" is a recommendation to Deja Entendu and also the astronaut top top the cover. They"re usually letting you recognize that this is wherein Deja ends and this story begins.Not the SunThis is whereby the story the the drunk driver in Limousine begins. He is in a relationship with a woman and also he"s asked she to marry the ("Be my babe", additionally "say you"re mine friend, why won"t you be my family?"). The whole song he"s questioning her not to refuse him ("don"t be that keep in mind I can"t hold," etc.)LucaHe"s still wondering why she won"t expropriate ("So touch me or don"t, just let me know"), while dwelling top top his loneliness ("I to be uncaught and also still swim alone in the lake"). A many this song is confusing to me, for instance, Jesse talking around drowning who in the lake (which i assumed was a metaphor referring to the "plenty that fish in the sea" saying).Untitled"I might never miss you"... Or whatever it actually is. Who knows. Possibly the personality is just kind that letting go.Archer"s Bows have actually BrokenHe"s now questioning what he"s done through his life up to this point. He"s invest so much into something the didn"t work out, whats left that him? ("Who do you lug the torch for, my young man? execute you believe in anything?) He can be questioning God... Why would God execute this to him? ("sweep me under the rug, beating with the book everyone the book told you come love" and "burning the end sins til there"s nothing however dust.") He"s obviously lost now and also realizing the he"s never had actually purpose or religion.HandcuffsHe"s pretty lot depressed and saying he"d carry out anything for her. ("I"d drive my vehicle off the a bridge, if ns knew the you weren"t inside.") He additionally mentions again his absence of religion/morals v "it"s difficult to it is in a far better man, as soon as you forget you"re trying."Sowing SeasonHe"s to be drinking far his ache ("he"s shedding to drinking and to driving."). He"s trying to find direction ("Is that in you now?"). While questioning himself, he references his putting so much in to a failing connection ("is that in you now, to watch the things you offered your life to, broken." and also "Somebody threw the brick, wrong all her plans."). He"s realizing the things may be coming to an end ("before you put my human body in the cold ground...") and has one an ext cry because that the one who left that ("I"m just a man who knows exactly how to feel, i"m not your friend, i"m no your lover, i"m no your family.")MillstoneHe"s mirroring on exactly how he had actually his totality life on track. He was doing every little thing right, and now that this relationship failed, he"s turn himself right into a worthless mess ("I provided to be together a burn example, I supplied to it is in original" and "I supplied to make my parents proud.") an ext references to his existing lack of religious beliefs ("I used to pray choose God was listening.") A reference to the holy bible with Millstones ("With mine own stone around me neck..."), a millstone to be tied about a criminals neck so the they would certainly sink come the bottom of a lake. He might be crying out to God as soon as he states "Be my breath, there"s nothing i wouldn"t give."Jesus ChristHe"s realized the he demands to do a change. He demands questions answered around what his life has included up to and what it means for him as soon as he dies. This totality song is rather self explanatory. He"s scared of what is to end up being of him, so the is basically a conversation v God or Jesus. This song has some of the finest lyrics of any kind of song I"ve ever heard.DegausserHe"s upset. He"s speak goodbye come this crappy life that has come to be his. "Goodbye come love" is him obtaining over his heartbreak. "It"s a ride that will press you up, right versus the wall." He"s saying that he love her, and in in the finish it messed him up. One big tell the connects this tune to the concept is the heat "I really carry out wish that you"d wear mine ring." that still wants her ("take me take it me back to your bed, i love you so much that it damages my head.") however he screwed increase ("I"ll never say anything right.") Things are coming come a head and he"s allow the pain change him. "The storm is coming, the storm is coming..." is a warning the what wake up in Limousine.LimousineMost anyone knows the a song about Katie Flynn (often mentioned as Kay), the seven year old flower girl that died in a limousine after her mother wedding by a drunk driver. Whats important to the story is that the second verse is native the watch of the drunk driver. "How deserve to I gain myself the end from under this guilt that will crush me." the realizes the this battle with himself and with God has really come head on v his posesthe up. "In the choir, I experienced our sad Messiah, He was bored and also tired of my laments. He claimed "I passed away for girlfriend one time, but never again."" Truly relocating words.You Won"t KnowHe"s messed up large time and now he"s handling it. This tune is saying the he"s done something so negative that if he was perfect for the rest of his life, small Kay would never recognize it. "Your daughters weren"t careful, I are afraid that i am a slippery slope." once he claims "you can"t blame your mother, she is trying not to see you as her worst mistake." he"s saying the he feels negative for she mom, that somehow think it is partly her error for not being in the vehicle with her as soon as the accident occurred. He"s even contemplating suicide ("I am fine to put your total to mine life, and know i"m scared the it won"t fire right.") and also lastly, that circles earlier to his are afraid of life after fatality ("On the work that i go up they"ll be completely out of their forgiveness supply.")There is so many more connections, lyrically. It would be difficult for me to walk through and also pick out just how each line could relate. So take it this because that what girlfriend will. Ideal or wrong, it makes this album even more interesting, and also in my opinion, amazingly brilliant.