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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an substantial open-world video game on the Nintendo Switch and Wii U. This guide and walkthrough will present you every little thing you need to understand from the locations and solutions because that every shrine to captured Memories, the ideal meal in the game, The understand Trials DLC and more.

Kuh Takkar shrine is situated in southwest Hyrule, northeast of Gerudo tower region and Gerudo tower. It’s also totally encased in ice when you arrive. Usage fire-based tools or irradiate a few campfires (with flint and wood) beside the ice to thaw it and also reveal the shrine.

How to deal with the Kuh Takkar shrine ice cream cube puzzles and also find the treasure chest

Your score is to lug the ice cube come Kuh Takkar at the end of the shrine.

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Pick increase the ice cube. Walk increase the ramp, rotate left and also walk through the vertical pillars the fire. Throw the ice cube past the rotating fire pillars. (It’s more secure than running, and it won’t damages the ice cream cube.)Pick up the ice cream cube, turn left and go increase the second ramp. Collection the ice cube down prior to the horizontal pillars the fire. To walk under the horizontal fire pillars and use magnesis to lift the huge metal cube the end of the lava. Ar the large metal cube at an angle the blocks the horizontal fire pillars. Pick up the ice cube, walk previous the horizontal fire pillars and collection the ice cream cube down again. Usage magnesis to place the big metal cube diagonally in the lava. (Diagonal placement makes it simple for you to cross.)Pick up the ice cube and also cross the lava on optimal of the large metal cube. Usage magnesis to relocate the big metal cube come the right of the upright fire pillars and block the fire. Pick up the ice cube and also walk to the large steel cube’s left. Usage magnesis to ar the large steel cube onto another collection of upright fire pillars (this time shoot up towards the ceiling) approximately the corner from the upright fire pillars. Paraglide come the peak of the large steel cube. Open up the sweetheart chest behind the large steel cube for a frostblade. Leave the room with the endowment chest and take the ladder approximately where girlfriend threw the ice cream cube. Choose up the ice cube as soon as again and also throw it v the upright fire pillars coming from the ceiling. (It will certainly shrink, however that’s fine.)Use magnesis to pick up the large steel cube again, organize it over your head and also walk through the upright fire pillars. (It will defend you.)Carry the ice cube increase the final ramp, satisfy Kuh Takkar and collect your spirit orb.