Sha Warvo is the ‘home’ shrine that the Rito flight Range, a location in the Tabantha region that friend will need to visit as component of the divine Beast Vah Medoh key quest.

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Both the shrine and also the flight selection can be found northwest the Rito Village and surrounding lake. Either usage your glider from among the platforms high up in the village, or walk/ride via the route on the lake’s perimeter.

Though the map draws the local boundary a small further north, Sha Warvo experience the extreme cold weather of the Hebra mountains. The heat doublet girlfriend received earlier on the an excellent Plateau won’t be enough on its own – you’ll require to cook up a cold-resistant meal or invest in the Snowquill armor set available in the Rito village.

How to fix Sha Warvo shrine


Sha Warvo is designed to help familiarise friend with one of the an abilities you’re walking to need in the Rito Flight range next door, and also later when subsequently draw close Vah Medoh – using your glider come ride increase air currents.

As a result, ascending the gigantic, cavernous shrine is relatively straightforward for the most part. In the early area, you will find:

A long pathway with a floor-mounted pan blowing a visible pillar of waiting upwards in ~ the endA communication floating a few feet above that

Stand ~ above the fan and also jump double to deploy your glider. Drive the existing as much as it will certainly go and land top top the platform.


Do the same on the following fan and also you will check out a platform either next of friend – your attention will probably be drawn to the outward first, as an quickly dispatched Guardian scout will start to take it aim at you. Finish it off and also open the endowment chest.


Return come the updraft you simply left, and go to the other platform. Drive the following air present to the top and also glide over to the moving platform. Drive the communication to the ladder and climb up the following area.


So far, for this reason simple: However, if you ride the air current on the next platform – there doesn’t appear to be any much more platforms to fly to, only a dark shaft with assorted constellation patterns on it.

Remembering, the this shrine is subtitled ‘Path of covert Winds’, you’re walking to have actually to gain the tiniest little bit brave in order to discover the means forward from right here –or simply skip come the systems below.

Sha Warvo shrine solution:


Ride the air present to the top, fly left around the pillar while moving the camera to save the pillar in see – you’ll watch an opened in the pillar, with one more fan blasting one air-current up the inside.


Ride this to the top and you’ll be a quick hop far from the monk’s platform. However, there’s still one much more treasure chest to get…

Where room Sha Warvo’s sweetheart chests?

As stated above, the shrine’s very first treasure chest can be reached by gliding left of the second air current, ~ above a platform through a guardian scout.


The 2nd chest is less complicated to miss – at the peak of the pillar’s air shaft, turn approximately to put the monk’s platform straight behind you and you’ll watch the chest on a little platform some way away.

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There’s no real trick to gaining over over there – as lengthy as girlfriend glide indigenous the optimal of the waiting current, you’ll do it. As soon as you’ve grabbed the goodies, glide under to a reduced platform and also get back to the monk’s platform.