Netflix hit Ginny & Georgia has been the talk of the town, but fans have actually been wondering why Brianne Howey (Georgia) looks therefore familiar. Viewers have actually noticed star Brianne possesses comparable looks and also charm come Julia Roberts, who has other family members in the organization (Emma Roberts, anyone?). Now, the question on everyone's mind remains: are Brianne Howey and Julia Roberts related? Let's examine the evidence.

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Brianne thrived up in Pasadena, Calif., as the earliest of 5 children. She fostered an interest in acting and also comedy throughout her youth and continued in ~ NYU Tisch, eventually landing she first-ever audition in 2010. Brianne has been exhilaration on and off since then in television shows such together 90210, Revenge, baby Daddy, Hart the Dixie, shout Queens, The Passage, Batwoman, and more.

Her exhilaration talents can also be spotted in a few movies such together Horrible Bosses 2 and also Plus One.


While Brianne has actually a relatively big number of siblings, Julia Roberts isn't among them. As much as we know, Julia isn't also a far-off cousin of Brianne's. Just because Brianne and Julia may not be related, that hasn't stopped people from noticing the solid resemblance in between the two, also dedicating an entire Reddit thread to number out who might be Brianne's famous look-alike. 

Fans have likewise taken come Twitter to shoutout who Brianne looks favor for other Ginny & Georgia fans. In addition to Julia Roberts, fans additionally believe she bears resemblance to Geena Davis, Lily James, Kacey Musgraves, and also others. Probably it's her fabulous brows or clear smile? everything the factor Brianne looks so familiar, we're happy to check out her top top our screens as the leading lady.

Brianne_Howey love exactly how Georgia makes reference to quite Woman, together you for this reason look favor a blonde Julia Roberts.

— Georgia 🌱 (

After landing Ginny & Georgia, it seems choose Brianne's schedule is pretty open for the remainder of 2021. New projects could not it is in on the table just yet due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has actually halted countless television and also film productions. Remainder assured, based upon her lengthy resume, Brianne will most likely return to our displays soon enough.

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As for whether or not there will certainly be a Season 2 of Ginny & Georgia, so far Netflix hasn't stated whether the display is up for renewal. There space many loosened ends for the present to tidy up, and fans room eager to watch what happens. Ginny & Georgia has actually remained squarely in the height 10 Most renowned on Netflix spot since it started airing, and also based on the fan love it's obtaining on Twitter, we wouldn't be surprised if a Season 2 notice arrived soon.


Although Brianne could not be related to Julia Roberts, she's carving her course through Hollywood without a well known relative to help her along. The continued success the Ginny & Georgia alone foretells even an ext roles in her future. Us can't wait to see what jobs Brianne does following (although we're keeping our finger crossed for Season 2). 

You can stream Ginny & Georgia now exclusively on Netflix. 

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