Jake it s okay hurt and also refuses to take time turn off a case and also Rosa and Holt bond in the most peculiar means on tonight’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 2, illustration 20, “AC/DC.” examine out what happened!

In the cold open, a perp leads Jake and also Boyle ~ above a high-action, stunt-packed (for Brooklyn Nine-Nine — this isn’t Fast and also Furious) chase v the highways of Brooklyn. Jake lastly gets to operation over cars, living the end his dream until he steps into an open up sunroof. The man goes down.

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With three cracked ribs, three broken toes, a hairline fracture in “man-kind’s least important finger!” (the thumb) and, follow to the limp, some painful nether regions, Jake has been ordered to take some time to rest. Not cleared because that duty by his doctor, Jake begs terry to allow him stay on the case, if not out in the field than at the very least at his desk. Terry offers into his friend, however that turns out to be a mistake.

Four work later, Jake waltzes into the precinct rocking a Hawaiian shirt to choose up Boyle to go to Atlantic City. However instead of a vacation in a sophisticated hotel, Jake sets increase a stakeout in a summary motel to try to trap his perp — unbeknownst to Boyle. In turn, Boyle tattles top top Jake working.

Terry shows up in ~ the motel, pissed as all heck due to the fact that he could be with his genuine babies, however he instead has to be through his work-related babies. The three finish up make the efforts to follow the bad guy, however Jake gets hit by a car. Maybe he should shot a sidewalk sometime?


In the hospital, Jake admits the he can’t relax through a situation open because of a case gone dorn a few years ago. The perp, dormant for a time, resurfaced when Jake was v his buddies, shot two civilians, and also got away. The guilt affected Jake in a means that made that so committed to his work, the couldn’t take it a break.

With ‘the bros’ in Atlantic City, Rosa and Holt are having one that the worst nights of their lives. Kevin, Captain Holt’s husband, had actually invited Rosa and Marcus over because that dinner. The 2 detectives, worried about the dinner obtaining too awkward, invite Gina and also Amy as buffers.

Side note: Amy is back from hiatus through a brand-new shirt! It’s a print! with no blazer! There room costume gods smiling under on us.

Amy is figured out to have actually fun in ~ the dinner, together she tells Gina when they’re on the slow-moving subway. She desires to admire Holt, so she’ll do the totality ‘act together if she isn’t interested’ thing. Whatevs, man.

The first Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode back from hiatus yes, really belonged to Rosa and also Holt. Watching them interacting with each other from the beginning of “AC/DC” until the finish was a treat for fans of the characters. Filling eight minutes with tiny talk will kill lock both, however we can go on about how much we adored your scenes.

The four end up eating dinner alone, and also despite Holt’s running list of orchid names, Kevin tries come strike increase conversation with Rosa. She runs out of the dinner after admitting she has two sisters. She’s acting an ext tense than usual tonight, and an ext defensive rather of snarky. Why?

Because she can be pregnant! If we had actually a GIF of Holt’s response (a lengthy face and even longer “ooh” the sounds terrific in Andre Braughner’s baritone voice) we’d watch it a dozen and a half times. Also better/more azer — his concern “are your bosoms… tender?” and also how that visibly disgusted them both to think about.

She rushes out of the dinner, finishing it early much come the dismay of Amy (and Gina), who display up appropriate at the moment, to take it a pregnancy test. It come back an adverse and the following day, Rosa thanks Holt because that his generosity and helping her throughout her minute of crisis.

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Tonight we got a glimpse at exactly how Holt would certainly act if had actually a daughter. Maybe this is the show’s means of setup up some ideas for future illustration plots? Marcus is around, however he isn’t present. His and also Rosa’s connection is definitely strong, but Nick Cannon physically is never on display screen for more than a minute or therefore of the show’s episodes. Does anyone else an alert that?

All in all, strong return for Brooklyn Nine-Nine with season 2, illustration 20, “AC/DC.”