Mark Barroso provides a detailted race coverage report from this previous weekend"s RunRockNRoll Half-Marathon in Brooklyn from for!



To train for my first-ever fifty percent marathon, ns didn’t follow a particular training program, such together one the Runner’s civilization would administer to beginners. I simply did one long run a week because that the 2-3 weeks prior to the race. It is it, really. However, i did get my same share that obstacle food racing in throughout the 2 months prior. Ns covered an ext than 10 miles at Terrain race in beforehand August, then extended 12 mile at Warrior Dash at the finish of August. I covered 15 miles at a GORUCK top top September 10, then 6 miles at a Spartan race a couple of mainly later. I basically used many laps of quick OCRs as a training tool for a fifty percent marathon. Obviously, this is not exactly how a jogger trains for a half marathon yet that’s why ns feel so accomplished: some civilization spend month training for a fifty percent marathon conversely, I just did one lengthy run each week because that the two weeks leading into the event and also I was fine.

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What motivated me many was a 6-mile operation I completed with Olympic marathoner and GLUKOS-sponsored athlete Jared Ward in main Park, NY. Ward and I ran about 5 miles at mine sad 10-minute mile pace, then us did intervals the 1-minute work, 1-minute rest. That’s whereby he took off and also I to be left huffing and puffing for my life. It was such an honor to run alongside one of the finest runners in America, and pick his brains around running. Ward wound up placing 4th at the Brooklyn absent ‘n’ roll Half-Marathon.

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I landed on the start line and also I sought mine corral which to be 20, or a 3-hour fifty percent marathon. I had no idea what time I’d finish this gyeongju in therefore I placed down 3 hrs as one estimate. Together I waited in corral 20, I started to think: i think I deserve to do this is 2:30 minutes, so I relocated up to the corral. This assumed crossed my head due to the fact that during one of those lengthy “training” operation around new Jersey, i clocked in in ~ 2:30, covering around 12 miles. The booked start time to be 7:00 a.m., but the corrals go off together waves, so people in the last corrals most likely didn’t walk out until close come 8:00am. Literally right prior to takeoff, ns ate a GLUKOS energy gel and also I was off come the races.

My ethical goal was simply to finish this gyeongju without avoiding to walk and I accomplished that goal. Once I witnessed that ns completed a 5K in much less than 30 minutes, which i did just once prior to (in my an initial and critical 5K race ever), I adjusted my goal to completing the entire half in less than 2 hours. I didn’t reach the goal however that may have been partially due to the fact I had actually planned to operation a full challenging Mudder food the next morning. The Brooklyn course to be great: no drastically steep inclines and also it finished with 3 miles in prospect Park which was awesome. Throughout the course, there were family members and spectators cheering top top the runners together a whole, which is encouraging. Over there were likewise marching bands and cheerleaders strewn transparent the course, giving live motivation for the runners. The runners came in every shapes, ages and sizes, and also there were even two women dressed a Pokemon, one together Squirttle and also one as Charzard.



There was sufficient water on the course, eight train station in total to it is in exact, and there to be both GLUKOS energy gummies and also Gatorade Endurance fluid at Mile 6. There are rarely, if ever, eight water station at any OCR, even though an OCR takes an ext time finish than a road race. As well as at a challenging Mudder, no OCR firm that i’ve participated in provides fuel on the course-you have actually to lug everything yourself. I guess this is due to the fact that there space so plenty of racers that giving everyone other would reason congestion in ~ the fueling station and be too costly because that the organizers. At approximately mile 8, ns took a GLUKOS energy Gel that I lugged myself.

It’s precious noting that i didn’t carb-load whatsoever because that this race, although i eat everything I want, which contains carbs at every meal. My breakfast wasn’t anything the carb-heavy either: a part of toast, 3-4 scrambled eggs and two sausages. Together you deserve to tell, i don’t go crazy about what i eat, ever, and that organized true because that my first half-marathon. I’m explaining this because at mile 11, for part reason, i took another GU gel, which should have actually been unnecessary since I got the sugar and carbs indigenous the GLUKOS gelatin a few miles earlier. Ns think that i had melted through every one of my carbs early on on and that i was beginning to shift to utilizing my oxidative device for fuel, therefore I required even an ext electrolytes and glycogen to stay focused. Or, I just wanted to shot and push difficult for the final two miles but I realized it is a bad idea through my challenging Mudder looming.


After the race, ns received among my favorite medals, then come the onslaught that snack offerings. There to be a protein power Bar, bananas, water bottles, Nesquik chocolate milk, potato chips, Gatorade, and also likely much more items the I’m forgetting. Over there were photograph booths with skilled photographers taking pictures but unlike in OCR, they room not free. It makes you wonder if the totally free images in OCR are part of their overall marketing strategy. The post-race festival included a power from headliner right here We walk Magic, a brand-new York-based indie absent band. In the VIP section, there was food, beer, coffee, and also quick massages. I experienced Nev Schulman indigenous the MTV show Catfish in the VIP area i beg your pardon I thought was random but also pretty cool considering girlfriend don’t frequently see non-athlete celebrities doing athletic things.

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I had an amazing very first half-marathon experience. The pre-race main Park operation session v Ward add to supplementing through GLUKOS throughout my “training” make it all the better. Participating in a absent ‘n’ Roll half Marathon seems favor a an excellent way to spend time in a city if traveling. Going for the full marathon is a perfect factor to travel somewhere new. I’m not certain if I’ll ever run a marathon, but I understand that I had a pair of more miles in me in ~ the end of my first half-marathon. What to be your an initial half-marathon? Or, would you ever think about running a half-marathon? Why/why not? please comment below.