An inspirational quote shared hundreds of thousands that times across social media is frequently attributed to one of two people martial art hero Bruce Lee or business man Warren Buffett. Both attributions are false. The Bruce Lee foundation said they discovered no proof that the quote originates through Lee. The screenshot of a tweet that makes it appear as if the quote comes from Buffett is an imposter account and also Buffett’s assistant confirmed he did not say the quote. 

The quote says: “You will continue to endure if you have an emotionally reaction to whatever that is stated to you. True strength is sitting earlier and observing whatever with logic. If words manage you that means everyone rather can control you. Breathe and permit things come pass.”

The quote has been shared on Facebook through various photos of Lee here, here and here. 

Screenshots taken on September 16, 2019 of three Facebook posts
Screenshot taken on August 29, 2019 that a facebook post
Screenshot taken on September 16, 2019 of an Instagram post

However, the quote does no come native either famed man.

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Fans that Lee are frequently treated to estimates from the late film star in meme styles on his official Twitter and Instagram accounts, however this quote has never to be featured. Estimates shared by main Lee accounts constantly include a tiny yellow picture of Lee performing a paris kick.

Screenshot tackled August 29, 2019 the a short article from Bruce Lee"s main Instagram account

Wilson said that this episode of a podcast put together by Shannon Lee included similar sentiments to the message, however not the specific quote.

Fabricated Buffett tweet

This screenshot of tweets purporting come come indigenous Buffett to be actually shared from the Twitter account
WarrenBuffettHQ. This is an imposter account which has been rely by Twitter.

Screenshot tackled September 16, 2019 the a search on Twitter

The “Oracle the Omaha” has a showed Twitter account
WarrenBuffett, yet a find of the account does not find the quote. The quote is additionally not discovered when browsing archived versions of Buffett’s main Twitter account making use of the Wayback Machine, an net archiving tool. 

On Instagram, the article spelled the billionaire investor’s surname incorrectly, with just one T. 

Though civilization regularly re-superstructure this quote as if that was claimed by Lee or Buffett, it’s additionally regularly mutual without attribution, including here and also here.

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Screenshot handled September 16, 2019 that a on facebook post

The Quote Investigator, a blog that answers questions around the beginnings of estimates online, likewise found no evidence that Lee or Buffett were the resource of the quote.

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