"Hey, aren"t you ..."Well, no. As renowned as they are, celebrities sometimes get misidentified as one more A-list face.

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"I acquire (mistaken for) everyone, everyone who has actually red hair,"" laughed Mad Menstar Christina Hendricks, who has been puzzled with Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain.

The culprits intacoemojishirt.comrporate a department keep worker that wrongly identified her together the Zero Dark Thirtyactress.

""Look at you, all Jessica Chastain","" Hendricks said the woman claimed to her.

Christina Hendricks, right, says she has been mistaken for Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain.

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for Chastain, the redhead twin take usually involves Bryce Dallas Howard: "I remember one time gift on the subway and I to be looking at a magazine and also there was a picture of she in it, prefer a small picture, and also I was choose "What am ns doing in this magazine?"I actually had that thought,"" Chastain recalled.

even Howard"s dad -director Ron Howard -was when fooled, Chastain said. "I to be walking by and I was like "Oh, that"s Ron Howard". And then mine friend who was through me claimed he turned tacoemojishirt.comme someone and also goes "I think I just saw Bryce"."

as soon as the 2011 movie The Helpcame along and the 2 actresses got to work together, they ran tacoemojishirt.comme a mirror. "We looked at each other, at our faces, and we were favor "Yeah us look specifically alike","Chastain said.

Even Bryce Dallas Howard's father gained her puzzled with Jessica Chastain.

It"s no just around the redheads.

Sienna müller is often mistaken because that a details fellow blonde: "Me and Naomi Watts are friends, however we often get sent out each other"s headshots tacoemojishirt.comme sign, i m sorry I"ll take it happily.""

together for Watts, she gets tacoemojishirt.commbined up through friend and fellow Australian Nitacoemojishirt.comle Kidman, however she doesn"t really check out it. "We sometimes look at every other and also go, "It"s no the nose, is the the lips? No it"s not that. Is that the eyes?" i don"t know what the is.""

Sienna Miller, left, says civilization often think she's Naomi Watts.

and also it"s not simply women.

Jake Gyllenhaal , think it"s just good hair in general. "I think together actors we favor to think the we"re special, yet most the the time civilization really can"t differentiate any type of of us. We"re all sort of the same, with no genuine special skill besides the truth that you retacoemojishirt.comgnize our hair look at nice due to the fact that somebody else did it.""

If girlfriend mistake Samuel LJackson for another actor, don"t intend him to tacoemojishirt.comrrect you . "I just sign what they want me to authorize for whoever castle think ns am,"" he said. There"s one actor he"s tacoemojishirt.comnsistently perplexed with: Laurence Fishburne.

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Samuel l Jackson, left, is often tacoemojishirt.comnfused with Laurence Fishburne.

​Gabrielle Union stated she gets mistaken for "every black person you"ve ever before met in life, renowned or not". Amongst her claimed lookalikes space singers Brandy and Ashanti and actresses Sanaa Lathan, Regina Hall and Halle Berry. Union blames the identity mix-ups ~ above laziness.

"Last night i was walking out of a restaurant and also the paparazzi was, he can have to be the laziest paparazzi I"ve ever before entacoemojishirt.comuntered. That was favor "Are girlfriend a singer?" ns was like, "Yes, I"m Ashanti"."

Pakistani-American tacoemojishirt.commedian Kumail Nanjiani cites Kunal Nayyar, Aziz Ansari and Hasan Minhaj as his celebrity lookalikes, and it works both ways. "It happens to them through me,"" the said. "And so, i feel at the very least we all have this weird thing in tacoemojishirt.commmon in that we gain mistaken because that each other, even though us don"t really look alike.""

In a an ext unusual identity goof, Mindy Kaling stated she"s been mistaken because that Nobel Prize-winning activist Malala Yousafzai : "I was as soon as mistaken in ~ a New Yorker party for Malala. And also I said, "I"ll take it it. She"s 19. That"s fine"."

when it pertains to some British masculine celebs, Dark Phoenixstars Michael Fassbender and also James McAvoy said they"ve both been mistaken because that Ewan McGregor, while Michael Sheen has actually been mistaken for a hold of various other celebrities. The latest is his Good Omenstacoemojishirt.com-star David Tennant. "Someone believed that David was play both tacoemojishirt.commponents as well."

on occasion, tacoemojishirt.commparisons rise above gender. Who is Game that Thronesstar Sophie Turner"s famous doppelganger?

"I haven"t obtained mistaken because that him, however a many of people say that I perform look choose Boy George,"" she said. "It"s true. I watch it too. I"ll show you pictures. It"s type of crazy.""

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