Heather Clem and also Bubba the Love Sponge, became quite well-known in the media. The former pair faced numerous ups and downs after the relax of the well known sex scandal that Heather and also Hulk Hogan. As for the woman in the tape to be Bubba, the Love Sponge’s ex-wife.

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Heather Clem is recognized for her accomplished and impressive career as a host. Let’s find out in detail around Heather Clem.

Who is heath Clem?

Heather Clem is the ex-wife that a radio personality and businessman Bubba Clem. Clem to be born as Heather Cole ~ above July 1, 1974, in West Virginia. She was elevated in her hometown of West Virginia by she parents. Heather practices Christianity. Together of now, Clem is 46.


Caption: heath Clem is renowned known as the ex-wife the Bubba the Love Sponge

Yet, no information has been released regarding her parents and also siblings. As of she education, heather Clem attend the university of Arizona.

Heather Clem is a former Model

With the height of five feet eight inches, heath maintains her number perfectly in her 40s. The gorgeous lady has luscious dark brown eyes and also brown hair.

Heather began her career together a model and even featured on the sheathe of plenty of magazines. In enhancement to her career, she later on tried she hand in the movie industry. She starred in some movies such as The Merman Prince for Rl Presidente Emperor Warlord!, The Barren Pine, and Crafting with Connie.

Heather Clem is a Fitness Instructor

The previous model is a fitness instructor in ~ the CF-L1. She even articles fitness videos on her Instagram account. Before this, Clem offered as a fitness instructor at the Advo treatment Institute.

Furthermore, she share tips and also tricks on just how to continue to be fit and healthy.


Affair v Wrestler Hulk Hogan

Prior to her marriage, Heather and Hulk Hogan, genuine name terry Bollea, to be filmed having actually sex in 2006. In ~ the time, the previous model was in a partnership with Bubba the Love Sponge, who’s the finest friend of Hulk. Throughout the trial, Heather and Hulk asserted they to be unaware that they’re gift recording.

The videotape exit by one of the brand-new York-based websites called Gawker ~ above October 4, 2012. Did she know she to be being filmed?

Heather declared the clip was filmed by her ex-husband Bubba who set her up through Hogan. She stated she to be told to go to the bedroom by she husband, and she did. When Cole found the tape, she requested her husband to it is in destroyed, but it wasn’t.

In the video, Clem have the right to be heard saying the couple can execute their thing and will it is in in his office. Testifying in court ~ Hogan filed a lawsuit versus Clem. This resulted in Hulk suing the owner that Gawker, Nick Denton, for violenting his privacy. Adhering to the trial, Heather’s ex-husband apologized come Hulk. Later, juries forgive $149 million because that his privacy.

Bubba Clem invoked the 5th Amendment and denied to testify throughout the trial. Later, Clem and Hogan worked out the lawsuit because that $5,000 over the sex tape.

 Heather Clem and also Bubba the Love Sponge were Married for five Years

Heather Cole married Todd Alan Clem aka Bubba the Love Sponge in January 2007. Lock tied the nuptial in ~ the first Baptist Church in St. Petersburg, Florida. They were living as a happy married pair until 2011; lock separated in March.

Bubba filed a divorce native Heather in September, stating the marital relationship was “irretrievably broken and should be dissolved.” The divorced papers are submitted at nation Civil Court.


Caption: pagan Clem with her husband Bubba the Love Sponge

According to a prenuptial agreement, Heather and also Bubba signed in 2007, the couple’s properties to be to it is in divided. Also, they agreed “not come interfere with, annoy, molest or harass the various other party or disparage the other party in public.”

Heather’s ex-husband, Bubba the Love Sponge is one Indiana native. Todd is the host of The Bubba the Love Sponge that airs ~ above the flagship terminal WWBA in Tampa Florida.

He dropped the end of Indiana State college to become a dentist yet ended up as a radio host. Clem operated in numerous radio stations like WXTB, WFLZ, Howard 101, and also more. Furthermore, he has his own agency called the Bubba Radio network.

Do pagan Clem and Bubba have actually A son Together?

Well, numerous of friend think the Tyler Clem is the son of the couple, yet it’s not. Tyler to be born native Bubba Clem’s vault relationship, yet the identification of a mrs is under review. The former couple didn’t have a child throughout their marriage though heath Clem has a daughter called Julia from her previous relationship.

Heather’s daughter, Julia, graduated from Florida State college in 2019. Also, the former model shared a photograph her daughter, Julia stop the level in she hand on her Instagram account through captioned it that read, “Incredibly proud that this young woman” with hashtags; #nowanole, #fsu, #floridastateuniversity, and also #co2019.


Caption: heather Clem’s daughter i graduated from the Florida State university

Heather articles many photos through her beautiful daughter on social profile. Every year, on mom Day, she posted pictures of her daughter and also herself. However, the day of the year the Julia is no mentioned, yet Heather wished she a happy date of birth on July 17 every year.


Caption: heath Clem and also her daughter Julia went out for dinner on mother’s Day

How much is heath Clem’s network Worth?

Heather provides a great amount the money from she modeling career and also acting. Currently, she is functioning as a fitness instructor. As of now, heath Clem has a moderate net worth of $500,000. Currently, she resides with her daughter in Apollo Beach, Florida.

On the various other hand, her ex-husband enjoys a net worth of roughly $7 million. Back in 2017, Bubba put his St Petersburg house for sale because that $1.8 million. The 6,367 square foot mansion featured four-bedroom and also five bathrooms.

She is active on Instagram

Heather Clem is virtual on Twitter and Instagram under the surname “
heatherdcole.” On she Instagram bio, she simply states as “Heather D. Cole,” whereby she has actually over 2k followers.

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Additionally, she is a fitness enthusiast and also fills her Instagram with her picture and video clip about crossfit, daughter, memes, and female empowerment.