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So, you have some bugs in her chia seeds.

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Are lock worm-like? Mites? Or also adult moths?

I don’t think you need their resource of protein mixed in with your nutritious chia, right?

I mean, the last point you desire to do prior to sprinkling a tespoon of chia on your yogurt is to watch a small white worm squirming about on the surface of her yogurt like it’s a swimming pool.

So let’s discover out just how you can remove bugs in your chia seed (and prevent them in the future).

In this guide, we’ll speak about:

Why you have bugs in your bag the chia seedsWays to get rid of them naturallyHow to save bugs far from your seedsAnd more FAQs

By the end of this page, you have to never have to address any pest eating your seed again (except various other humans).

Sound good? Let’s obtain the bugs of your chia.


What bugs eat chia seeds?How to eliminate bugs in your chia seedsHow to keep bugs the end of your chia seeds

Why are my chia seed moving?

They’re haunted.

But seriously. Bugs.

There are a few known culprits to be frequently found in dry items like chia seeds. Namely, enjoy the meal moths.

To the untrained eye, you might see little white worms, maggots, grubs, or also adult moths.

All of these are probably the very same bug- the Indian meal moth (AKA “pantry moth.”). This is a typical pest discovered in cereal, flour, powders, seeds, nuts, and also other dry storage foods.

They can get inside the smallest crevices which permits them to feed all day and also night. Foods items that room stored in resealable plastic bags, food storage Tupperware, or also glass mason jars room all susceptible to being infested with these small buggers.

Thankfully, it’s reasonably easy to remove meal moths.

It’s basic to determine the bugs in your seeds.

After all, cracking your favorite bag of seed open just to see a bunch of larvae squirming around is disgusting.

You may see any type of of the following:

Small white, shining worms around ⅔” in lengthClumps that white webbingBlack or brown top on the wormsShed worm skinFrass (looks prefer powder)Larvae hanging on the walls close to your pantryCocoons on the edge of the food packageWebby product in the bag or on the seedsAdult moths (dead or alive)- girlfriend may likewise see lock flying roughly your kitchen at night

Why space there bugs in my chia seeds?

These small ants are aboriginal to the outdoors, yet they’ll gladly come right into your home.

Ants will likewise be attractive to chia seeds, though to a lesser extent. Kitchen ants room a prime pest, particularly the small ants.

These ants are simple to miss if you don’t look closely.

Since chia seeds are dark in color, the ants camouflage best in and you might not even know that you have actually an ant problem until you’re helping them down.

But hey, extra spice to flavor your chia, right?

If you have ants eating her chia, this is a overview to acquiring rid the them.

Out of every the particle infestations, these three pests it seems ~ to it is in the most prominent.

If you’re handling something rather entirely, you can still use the resources on this web page to help control every little thing it is it is making her chia seed move.

Do chia seeds tempt pests?

Some might say the chia seeds have oils that normally repel pests, but from mine experience, this doesn’t occupational on enjoy the meal moths.

If anything, the oils from the chia seed only assist make the moths stronger.

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That’s more than likely why they’re constantly found buzzing around seeds.

If chia seeds didn’t tempt bugs, climate why would world like this be complaining that their bag of seeds has actually a bunch of bugs in it?