Family Auto of Spartanburg is a among the finest buy here pay right here dealerships in the Greenville area situated at Spartanburg, SC. Come see us for the ideal deals on the supplied cars, trucks, and SUVs in the Greenville, SC.

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Can’t to win Spartanburg’s Buy here Pay Here!

Our supplied cars and trucks in Spartanburg SC are priced short so you have the right to drive house happy!


No Credit? poor Credit?

No problem! We room the bank! with our in-house financing, we"re maybe to obtain you approved simpler than our competitors! We room the best Buy right here Pay below in Spartanburg SC!


Formula for Success!

With ours experienced and friendly sales staff, we"ve determined the formula to making sure you love her used car buying experience.

supplied cars and trucks

Recent list - supplied Cars

Check out few of our greatest quality more recent used vehicles, or head end to our used Car and also Truck Inventory page to view what else we have in stock here in Spartanburg!

2010 Ford Flex

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Can’t beat Spartanburg’s Buy below Pay Here!

Our provided cars and also trucks in Spartanburg, SC space priced therefore you deserve to drive house happy!

No Credit? bad Credit?

No problem! We space the bank! through our in-house financing, we are able to gain you approved less complicated than ours competitors! We are the best Buy right here Pay right here in Spartanburg, SC!

Formula for Success!

With ours experienced and friendly sales staff, we have figured out the formula to making certain you love your automobile buying experience.

We room your Buy here Pay here in residence financing dealership situated downtown Spartanburg SC. We specialization in helping civilization with bad credit or no credit transaction in finding great used car in Spartanburg, SC. We are a Family Auto buy below pay here which way we have in home financing!

We can assist you get approved because that a good used car, truck, or SUV today! an additional thing the sets united state apart is ours reporting. We report come the credit transaction departments that you have actually purchased a car and you space making your payments top top time, this help you construct your credit transaction score! ours buy here pay below dealership in Spartanburg SC obviously has amazing cars but we also have extensive business contracts that most Buy right here Pay right here dealerships do not provide.

We stand by our vehicles, the quality, and service. If friend are looking for a Buy here Pay below in Spartanburg, please provide us a contact today, we can acquire you in the right car, ideal now! most of the human being search because that cheap cars, but instead what we offer is tranquility of mind and value because that the money.

Bad Credit? No Credit?

NO PROBLEM! Your job is your credit! We have in-house financing and also can gain you more easily approved. We likewise have custom payment plans and low under payments come fit your budget. First Time Buyers space welcomed!

Need a warranty?

NO PROBLEM! ours 2 years/36,000 miles minimal warranty can’t be beat! **

Need Extra Cash?

NO PROBLEM! get $100 because that every referral you send to us. ** Also, maximize your invest by getting the many out of your current vehicle. We will be happy come look at the revenue or trade-in value of any kind of car, truck, van, and/or SUV. We’ll even look at work trucks, RVs, and also motorcycles.

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Highest Quality provided Vehicles:

All of our offered cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and also luxury cars go v a full-service top quality inspection. We want to view you safe and also happy in your new-to-you vehicle. Also, us have brand-new vehicles arriving daily for this reason our perform is always changing. If you don’t check out a car you want, let united state know and also we’ll view what we have the right to do because that you.