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I am redoing/revising mine kitchen wiring (with permits), and am relocating my dedicated 20-amp frozen fridge circuit. Around six feet far from wherein the brand-new fridge outlet will be is an old outlet in the baseboard the under mine current plan will go dead and just be covered with a empty plate. I number I might too keep this outlet live (although to update with new box and also receptacle), however by much the easiest means to carry out this would certainly be to cable it downstream the the refrigerator outlet. Ns don"t think the NEC actually needs a specialized fridge circuit, for this reason is it OK to have actually one random outlet sharing this circuit? and also even if the is OK, would certainly an inspector most likely see this as "bootleg"? i am act my ideal to do every little thing right and not offer the inspector anything come nit-pick on. Thanks!
NEC does no require a dedicated fridge circuit, the fridge may be placed on among the two required SABC (Small Appliance Branch Circuits) serving the countertop receptacles.NEC does permit for secondary 15A fridge circuit, yet I don"t have the NEC in front of me to watch if it"s forced to be devoted exclusively come the fridge. If no-one else answers through tonight, I"ll shot to look that up.
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Unless you really view yourself actually using it, I would certainly go through the current setup to kill the receptacle and blank it off.
The two or much more appliance circuits will not have anything rather on them. The 20 amp refrigerator circuit has actually an exception that it can be top top a 15. But it is still among the 2 or more appliance circuits

The 2 or an ext appliance circuits will not have actually anything rather on them. The 20 amp refrigerator circuit has actually an exception that it deserve to be ~ above a 15. But it is still one of the two or much more appliance circuits
Let me just say this...We have been in this house due to the fact that 1987. It was constructed in 1983. Every year during the Thanksgiving and also Christmas holidays, my wife has struggled v circuit breaker tripping. Microwave, toaster oven, slow-moving cooker and also other electrical appliances every in usage at the very same time. UGH!This previous year, we remodeled our kitchen. I had actually an electrician run a committed circuit for the microwave. Also, the year before, we had electricians operation a brand-new 20 amp circuit for an ext receptacles, one in the kitchen and also two for the buffet we built in the dining room.The bottom heat is we execute not have actually any an ext problems tripping the breakers. My wife is happy, therefore that renders me happy. :thumbsup:In mine opinion, much more is better. The is because that us.
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Exception No.2: The receptacle outlet because that refrigerationequipment chandelier be permitted to be supplied from one individualbranch circuit rated 15 amperes or greater.
I can find nothing in the NEC that states a residential fridge should be ~ above a devoted
circuit. Therefore I check out no factor that the separation, personal, instance branch circuit of 15 amps or greater serving the refrigerator cannot also serve other areas (taking treatment to observe GFCI and also AFCI rules, that course).Note that your fridge, as a fixed load, can not use an ext than 50% a circuit"s capacity if the circuit has basic purpose outlets. However I must think that most fridges this days attract less 보다 7.5A.
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The NEC does not require a committed circuit for the refrigerator unless the environment instructions contact for one.
Answers based upon the National electric Code. Neighborhood amendments may apply. Examine with her local building officials.
Exception 2 the 210.52 B 1 states it as receptacle outlet (singular) on an individual branch circuit rated 15a or more. 210.52 B1 refers to outlets (plural) top top a a 20. I check out it together one circ to the one outlet on a 15 for the fridge. Together you proclaimed though it doesn"t speak you can"t. Yet by the wording outlet i think it stops there. Or it would certainly say outlets. Or tell girlfriend you could do it quite than you can"t. As in the very first part B1. If it whereby on a 20 ns you could considered as two or more appliance circuits and also could feed various other receptacles and areas together stated. Solitary circuit to refrigeration. 1 outlet 1 circuit.
Thanks for the responses. It doesn"t it seems to be ~ there"s a clear-cut answer. The fridge circuit is 20 amp. I"ve always thought that the compelled "two or much more small appliance circuits" together being countertop, so wasn"t reasoning of the fridge circuit as one (I have two other small appliance circuits top top the counters). Anyway, i emailed the county structure department and will see what they need to say. Ns can constantly just cable the outlet and also disconnect that if castle don"t prefer it. Thanks all for the advice.
I have a fridge, dishwasher and also microwave every on a 20 amp circuit. Best or not correct the breaker had actually never popped yet and also I have had actually all 3 running at the exact same time. I have actually never excellent the math in amps and also voltage being supplied up however it"s an extremely rare the 3 would ever be run together. Ns did it a a test and it was simply fine.
The existing receptacle. Is the old wiring. Is it"s circuit part of other areas of the house ??The kitchen needs two 20 amp appliance circs just receptacles. Minimum. Those two circs can feed kitchen dining pantry nook RECEPTACLES only. You deserve to install an ext than two appliance 20 amp circs with number of receptacles. The fridge can plug into any kind of of them you can additionally bring a 15 amp ( or 20) circuit simply for the fridge alone The existing receptacle. If it"s top top a twenty amp breaker and also doesn"t also feed other loads like various other rooms not provided or lighting then you deserve to use it. If it"s a single 15 amp and also you room going to use it for a fridge then you deserve to use it
interesting dispute over exactly how to interpet the code, the sad part is that there demands to it is in a debate. The code must be created in clear plain language and also not open to interpretation.But my own op. Is the I never put another receptical on a fridge or freezer circuit be cause I don"t desire something stupid to popular music a breaker, no realize it and also then spoil a bunch food.
Like your pool light ? Things job-related sometimes. The idea is to wire it to a standard. It"s referred to as a code. Girlfriend don"t wire the way. Yet most people shot to. Micro and also frige in ~ times use the same tiny appliance branch circuit. ( on 1 the the 2) when it trips ( not pops ) one electrician is called in to lug in another appliance circuit.
interesting debate over how to interpet the code, the sad component is the there requirements to be a debate. The code need to be created in clear plain language and not open up to interpretation.But my very own op. Is the I never put an additional receptical ~ above a fridge or freezer circuit be cause I don"t desire something stupid to popular music a breaker, no realize it and also then damn it a bunch food.
There is no debate. Two or more appliance circuits. What room you talking aboutAnd breakers pilgrimage not pop
If lock pop, you have a different problem. The is convenient that a fridge doesn"t call for its own specialized circuit. Someone v a enlarge kitchen (or a smaller sized fridge) sometimes has actually a choice of where to placed it, because that example, and that"s before you get into additional units like a garage fridge or a chest freezer that large families or cautious shoppers are most likely to have. It"s lot cheaper if who in that instance doesn"t have to run a brand-new circuit just because they"ve bought a fridge.
Exception 2 that 210.52 B 1 claims it together receptacle outlet (singular) top top an individual branch circuit rated 15a or more.
I agree that the wording is singular, yet an "individual branch circuit" has actually no constraints on the variety of receptacle outlets the may have on it.
The NEC doesn"t have to tell you the you deserve to do anything -- you currently can execute anything the isn"t prohibited. Since the NEC does not prohibit other outlets top top the individual branch circuit serving the frozen refrigerator receptacle outlet, climate you deserve to put other receptacle outlets on that individual branch circuit. The native "dedicated" or "exclusive" room not used, for this reason you"re great to go.
As in the first part B1. If it where on a 20 i you could considered as 2 or much more appliance circuits and could feed other receptacles and also areas together stated.
Since the OP has a 20A circuit, and also if the serves just the kitchen/dining/pantry area, then he can speak to it a 3rd SABC and also put as countless receptacle outlets he desires on it (of course, it will require GFCI).
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A 20 amp appliance circuit have the right to have many outlets top top it and also a refrigerator deserve to be plugged into that circuit. With the single 15 amp receptacle and circuit. If other outlets could be set up on it and also other tons why did no the write-up say appliance circs have the right to be 15 or 20 amp through multiple outlets and a fridge deserve to be on the circuit ? that doesn"t read two or an ext 15 and also 20 amp appliance circsIt"s 2 or an ext 20 amp. With an exemption for "A" (singular) fridge circuit and outlet
Just one update... The structure department folks got back to me and they said I can include another outlet top top the currently 20 amp fridge circuit. So even if it is that"s what the password actually claims or that"s the way they analyze it, I"ll go with it.
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