Living through roommates deserve to be a resource of drama, even if there aren’t any kind of serious legal problems involved. Native arguments about overnight guest to differing standards regarding apartment cleanliness, navigating mutual living an are with one more person have the right to be a challenge.

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These problems go native trivial come much much more serious, however, if her roommate gets affiliated in illegal task such marketing drugs or making use of illegal drugs and/or keeping them in your home or apartment. If you uncover yourself in this type of situation, it’s essential to understand exactly how your roommate’s illegal habits can affect you.


Can you challenge legal troubles as a an outcome of her roommate’s illegal medicine use? although all cases are unique due come any number of underlying factors, the short answer is yes. The quite feasible that your roommate’s illegal habits can cause legal difficulties for you, even if you’ve excellent nothing wrong.

To begin with, having actually your roommate associated in illegal activity such as drug use automatically increases the possibilities of the police looking your home or apartment. If the police display up through a find warrant, it most likely won’t be restricted to simply your roommate’s bedroom or belongings. They will more than likely search the whole premises, including your room and belongings. If police find drugs, particularly if they’re found in a usual area – or worse, among your belongings – they can arrest you.

You may need to go come court come prove the drugs the police uncovered didn’t belong to you. In this situation, police can arrest a person under the legal concept of constructive possession, and it essentially method that girlfriend in some way had regulate over the mutual living space, so you share duty for the illegal contraband the police uncovered there.

It’s also possible that if you assisted your roommate in his or she illegal drug usage in any way – hiding drugs, because that example, or accompanying her roommate ~ above a pick up or delivery (even if you simply drove and also waited in the car) – you might find yourself encountering charges the criminal conspiracy for her involvement in illegal activities. So, yes, your roommate’s illegal drug use can cause a hold of legal troubles for you.

Potential penalties

The penalties linked with gift charged for her roommate’s illegal drug task can it is in severe. Under California law, a human being charged with possession that a controlled substance (not marijuana) can confront severe the vary relying on the kind and amount of drugs a human is charged with possessing. Under Proposition 47, a human who is found to be in possession of any drug on the Schedule is charged with a misdemeanor crime and faces approximately one year in prison. However, no everyone in California is eligible because that charges under Prop 47. Those who room registered sex offenders and those with significant violent crime convictions have the right to be charged through a misdemeanor or a felony if castle are discovered to it is in in possession the a reserved narcotic.

If you are not acquainted with the Schedule of drugs offered by California, they room as follows:

Schedule ns drugs (opiates, cocaine, mescaline)Schedule II medicine (raw opium, morphine, and other narcotics)Schedule III medicine (pentobarbital and anabolic steroids)Schedule IV drugs (many prescription drugs such as diazepam and zolpidem)Schedule V medicine (lesser-controlled prescription drugs, such together low sheep of codeine)

A charge of possession with intent to distribution will an outcome in an ext serious consequences. If possessing drugs for an individual use could an outcome in a misdemeanor charge, if a person is charged through a specific amount, they could challenge a felony medicine charge.

Misdemeanor and felony charges room not the only aftermath of a medicine charge the you require to problem about. A human convicted that a medicine charge will certainly still have a criminal record related to the possession the a regulated substance that could hurt a person’s project chances, impact where their ability to rental an apartment, pains their boy custody case, and also hurt their immigration case.

What around marijuana?

Most people know that recreational marijuana has been legalized in California, however that walk not typical there are no charges associated with own the drug. Anyone over 21 year of period can possess approximately one ounce of dried marijuana or eight grams of concentrated cannabis. They may additionally grow increase to 6 plants for an individual use. However, anyone that exceeds these quantities can it is in charged with a misdemeanor and face a penalty of increase to 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $500.

It might be tempting to create off a roommate’s marijuana use, but be wary of how much they have and whether or not they are dealing. If castle have more than the legal amount or are distributing the drug, you might still confront charges.

How to avoid Roommate-Related legal Issues

If your roommate is illegally using or dealing drugs, it might seem tempting and an extremely easy to simply disregard it, especially if the problem isn’t affecting your daily life. Yet even if you’re no involved, the fact that you’re even mindful of the illegal drug activity method it’s quite most likely that, sooner or later, your roommate will gain caught and also you can find yourself in legitimate trouble. Skip the problem, easy as it may seem to do, yes, really isn’t in your finest interests.

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Of course, protecting you yourself legally do not do it be her only concern – or also your very first one. Illegal drugs and violence tend to walk hand-in-hand. Just since you i can not use witnessed any kind of violence regarded your roommate’s illegal drug usage doesn’t typical that it’s no a distinctive possibility. If the legal threats don’t accumulate you to take action, the opportunities of physics danger definitely should.

To defend yourself indigenous a drug-dealing or drug-using roommate, be proactive. You deserve to notify your landlord – who likewise likely encounters legal threats from her roommate’s actions – or the police. The department of Justice has resources for human being who want to report illegal medicine activity.

Of course, if you’re skeptical to report her roommate or you feel that’s no a safe option, you deserve to move. Moving may be a challenge, specifically if you’re on a long-term lease or don’t desire to give up a great deal ~ above rent. However, it’s important to weigh the pros and also cons in a instance like this. Carry out you desire the hassle of relocating – or the infinitely much more damaging problem of gift arrested?

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