This song from They could Be Giants’s 3rd album overwhelming is about a disappointed partygoer and his outrage directed at who who permits their racist girlfriend to do offensive… read More 

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This is wherein the party endsI can't stand right here listening come youAnd your racist friendI recognize politics bore youBut i feel favor a hypocrite talk to youAnd your racist friendIt was the loveliest party that I've ever attendedIf anything was broken I'm certain it might be mendedMy head can't forgive this bobbing and also pretendingListen to some bullet-head and the madness that he's sayingThis is whereby the party endsI'll just sit right here wondering how youCan stand by her racist friendI understand politics bore youBut i feel prefer a hypocrite talk to youYou and also your racialism friendThis is whereby the party endsI can't stand right here listening to youAnd your racist friendI know politics bore youBut i feel like a hypocrite talking to youAnd her racist friend
Out from the kitchen to the bedroom come the hallwayYour friend apologizes, he could see it my wayHe let the contents of the bottle execute the thinkingCan't shake the devil's hand and say you're only kiddingThis is whereby the party endsI can't stand here listening come youAnd her racist friendI recognize politics boring youBut i feel favor a hypocrite talking to youAnd your racist friend
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This track from They can Be Giants’s third album Flood is around a disappointed partygoer and his outrage command at someone who permits their racist friend to make offensive comments without interfering.


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John Flansburgh:

The tune is a composite of experiences, and really about the relativistic back-peddling civilization go through trying to get through this creepy world. This song is yes, really wrapped up in the difficulty of tacit agreement, and also the heat ‘Can’t shower the devil’s hand and also say you’re only kidding’ simply sums that up.

In 2015, Flansburgh and Linnell speak to Spin about their albums to the point. Here’s what Linnell said about this song:

Flood is notable for numerous things yet I wanted to ask about “Your racist Friend,” which to be the an initial “serious” They can Be Giants song, no? What kind of discussion went right into that?

John and I have actually not really had a long discussion since this but I psychic at the time feeling like, “Oh this is type of opening a whole other thing.” ns was a tiny uncomfortable with coming to be political in a way. The was one of those points where among us would present a thing and it was like, “Well that expands the arsenal but, well, what perform we mean to everybody?” What we’ve always had between us is really open, prefer everything’s great. Whatever you think that is cool. Just do everything. The was the soul of the band. That’s still the case. If someone thinks of an idea that they think is cool, lock don’t have actually to describe why or what it means or just how it’s going come redefine the band.