A lot of casual and serious gamers wonder whether or not they can bring their game consoles through TSA security checkpoints and on to the plane. We could be talking PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch — the list goes on and on.

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Luckily, if you want to bring your gaming system on a plane I have some good news for you in this article. Keep reading below to find out everything you need to know about bringing game consoles through airport security and onto a plane.

Can you bring a PS4, PS5, Xbox, or other gaming console on a plane?

Yes, you can bring your game console on a plane but there are some key considerations that you want to think about before doing so.

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International travel

If you are traveling at an international airport it is possible that the security agents may want to apply more scrutiny to your luggage if they discover that you have a large electronic item.

This is similar to traveling with a drone — your bulky console is just something that catches the attention of security more often. They may want to swab your device for traces of explosives and closely inspect other items in your bag but if you have nothing to hide this should be a pretty painless process.

Carry-on or checked baggage

You can also take your gaming console on a plane by leaving it in your checked baggage.

This is not recommended for a couple of reasons.

Baggage handlers are not the most graceful when it comes to handling your checked baggage. So if you do decide to transport it in your checked baggage, do your best to wrap it with a lot of bubblewrap, foam or something similar to prevent damage.

The other reason is theft. While it is rare, some items do go missing from time to time after being dropped off with an airline. A lot of these items tend to be expensive electronics such as cameras, tablets, etc. A gaming system could definitely fall into this category although some of them are quite large and would be more difficult for an agent to steal.

If you keep the gaming system with you the entire time as a carry-on you never have to run the risk of someone stealing it while you are away from it which gives a lot of passengers peace of mind.

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Using your console on a plane

Some gamers may want to take things to the next level and power up their gaming console while on the plane. This is not a very good idea because of the power outlets capacity.

Most power systems on airplanes are limited to 75 watts of power per seat. If you wanted to play one of your PS5 games while on a plane you would need more than 140 watts of power. So trying to get your gaming fix while on the plane is not very feasible with consoles.

And in case you weren’t aware, airlines like United won’t allow you to plug in your own TV — you’ll have to settle for the seatback entertainment.