If you’verecentlygone v a kitchen remodel, you’ll know this feeling: mine kitchen is as well nice to cook in now! 

Protecting your kitchen countertops and floors are currently your number one priority.

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Every time you check out your youngsters cutting a sandwich on optimal of the counter or her spouse relocating a hot pan turn off the stove, you are instantly filled through dread. Don’t damage the new countertops! 

Never fear. A small knowledge deserve to go a long way to relieving her worries and keeping her culinary invest shiny and brand-new for years to come. Here’s a quick list the what girlfriend can and also cannot do on her kitchen countertops.

Can I set a hot pan downon my countertop?Granite – Yes. However, while quick encounters through a hot pan won’t hurt your granite countertop, use of a trivet on a consistent basis is recommended. Having actually this obstacle between a hot pan and your countertop will aid reduce weakening that sealants, staining, and cracking. We’d additionally recommend utilizing trivets underneath appliances that get hot,like waffle irons and panini makers.Quartz – Yes. However, favor granite, if friend continuously placed hotpansdown in the same ar on the respond to it could cause discoloration end time. Again, we recommend utilizing trivets under appliances that gain hot.Marble – Yes.However, natural marble is a softer material than both granite & quartz.Placing warm pans straight onthis surfacecan perhaps weaken or chip the countertop. Us recommend constantly using a trivet.Laminate – No.Hot panscan leave long-term burn marks.Usetrivets underneath appliances that gain hot.


Can i chop vegetables on my countertop there is no a cut board?Marble – No. Marble is lot softer compared to granite and also quartz, so friend should always use a cutting board.Laminate – No. The scratches and also cuts easily, for this reason a cutting plank is a must. Can ns stand on top of mine countertop?Granite, Quartz, Marble – No. You have to not sit or was standing on a granite, quartz or marble countertop. These rock countertops room not flexible and also do not have any type of lumber backing on them, so too lot weight in one place could reason cracking.Laminate – No. Countertops room not a ladder. Forsafetysake, please stand on a ladder or action stool.

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