A: "I think that xxx and hhh, jkjkj and lpoopik..."B: "Could friend repeat that again, please?"

The reaction I"m acquiring is as result of the fact that repeat that is already symmantically suffient, therefore the amendment of again is only proper if a vault repetition"s already taken place, prefer so.

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A: "I think the xxx and hhh, jkjkj and lpoopik..."B: "Could girlfriend repeat that?"A: "I stated that xxx and also hhh, jkjkj and lpoopik..."B: "Could friend repeat the again, please?"

On one hand, ns feel there"s something to it according to the motivation above. ~ above the other hand, through the exact same logic, one would be required to alleviate repeat that, please to merely repeat, please, since it"s implied the the repeat request describes the explain made.

And because that seems a bitty nitty picky to me, I"m prone to inquiry my reaction by reductio ad absurdum. Advice?

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By the rule of officially grammar, you space correct. "Repeat" or "again" would certainly be supplied on the 2nd effort, but not both. The combination "repeat ... Again" would certainly be provided on the third or any subsequent efforts.

The thread Rompey refers to isn"t wrong.

It is very common in colloquial English come say "could you repeat that again?" top top the second effort. Indeed, we"re redundant quite often: "it"s precisely the same," because that example, is a redundancy used to emphasize the effort or top quality of the duplication. (Or it"s just something us say since so plenty of of us have said it that method for so long....)

Therefore, the usage of "repeat ... Again" ~ above the 2nd effort is, indeed, a pleonasm — yet it"s a really common one.

Finally, friend asked around removing the "that" from "repeat that" due to the fact that it is apparent in the conversation what "that" would certainly refer to. To carry out so would certainly be grammatically incorrect together you would not have actually a finish sentence.

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Could you please repeat? (incorrect)

Could you you re welcome repeat that? (correct)

However, English speakers colloquially drop "that" ~ above a consistent basis for the very reason friend mention.