At times, situations are such the someone needs to sell gold when they need instant cash. If you room in a comparable situation and also are looking for cash because that gold locations, we deserve to help. We, at Pistol Annie’s Jewelry and Pawn room the ideal place to offer cash because that gold in Auburn, WA.

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As a reputable dealer us buy yellow at the prevalent sector prices and offer the finest deal to our clients. When people want cash because that gold in Auburn, they pertained to us because that the complying with reasons:

We are genuineReliableOffer the ideal dealBest client service

As reliable dealers, us buy gold and also diamonds at the prevailing gold price. Having actually to sell your valuables to obtain cash for gold in Auburn can be a complicated decision, but you can always buy it earlier when time are much more favorable.

We Pay height Dollar when We buy Gold


Gold is valuable, and holds one intrinsic value other than the ornamental worth. As an created store, us buy gold in Auburn irrespective of that is condition. This means that you have the right to sell gold the is damaged or not in the best condition. Together a dealer, we buy yellow in Auburn in the complying with forms:

Gold coinsBullionEarringsBraceletsWatches

We have the right to assure you that we buy yellow in Auburn at the finest price possible. However, you need not be concerned if you have actually silver items with you, since besides gold and diamonds, us buy silver together well.

Why execute Auburn Residents choose Us come Buy or offer Gold?


Buying or selling gold is not an everyday affair. However, human being may should sell yellow in Auburn if they are in require of prompt cash. However, recognize the right dealer to market gold in Auburn deserve to be fairly tricky, simply because there room so many. However, you can take into consideration these given components when in search of a place that buys and also sells gold:

Years the experienceReputationReviews native friends and family

We are the ideal selection when it comes to selling gold in Auburn since we qualified on every these aspects. Having substantial experience and also enjoying a high reputation, we space the desired dealers for civilization when they look for cash for gold.

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If you space in need of immediate cash, and want to uncover a dealer who buys and sells yellow while catering come Auburn, speak to us in ~ 253-533-2033.