A Pokémon Detective Pikachu event has now started in Pokémon GO, in addition to movie-inspired tasks that are obtainable for rewards.

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Players had currently noticed that field Research is a tougher challenge than those Niantic usually prepares during its events, which took place from may 7-17, 2019.

It’s because the riddles like capturing seed pokemon walking in rivers are regarded the upcoming film and also the trailers to be exit in cinemas approximately the people from now on.

During field Research, girlfriend will have actually the possibility to capture Pokémon belonging come the Steam, Fire, and also Seed varieties or record those which are carrying a backpack. There room a most out there who are left scratching your heads as soon as it involves the pocket Monster series, even those who know it inside and out. Let’s gain started!

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Pokemon walk Detective Pikachu tasks & riddlesPokémon Go: record a Water-Type Pokemon transferring a Backpack

Seed Pokemon wade in River- Explanation

Catching particle pokemon walking in a river is a bit various from what players room accustomed to when it pertains to field research. Having introduced ar research tasks last year, they clearly explain what players have to do.

But in this instance, that’s not the case. In bespeak to settle a couple of riddles in the Detective Pikachu tasks, you need to know the movie (or at the very least the trailer). Right here are part answers come a couple of simple riddles that might seem challenging.

First up, “catch seeds pokemon walking in the river.” A Psyduck is carried around by the movie personality Lucy Stevens. Obtain a Magikarp encounter by recording one in Pokémon GO. In the second piece that movie-based riddle research, capture the particle pokemon the is watched walking in the river.” You will certainly encounter Treecko if you capture one that them. You have the right to read: Planet Minecraft 1.

Pokemon walk Detective Pikachu jobs & riddles

Aside from the possibility to catch Detective Pikachu, trainers will also be able to take it on new research tasks. The hints are found by watching the movie trailers carefully, however, and also if girlfriend don’t understand what to look for, they have the right to be contempt tricky. The tasks like seed pokemon walking in river are picked up together usual v PokeStops. Let’s shot to settle each of them.

Seed pokemon wade in river

Lets start with ‘catch the seed pokemon the is viewed walking in the river’. But what is the seed pokemon go in the river? The Pokemon particle Bulbasaur is shown walking v a flow in the Detective Pikachu trailer, so catching a Bulbasaur will reward you with an encounter v Treecko.

Pokémon Go: record a Water-Type Pokemon moving a Backpack


letstechup administer you distinct information. After ~ seed Pokemon wade in a river, next, we have actually a riddle where you must put the Pokemon in a backpack that we observed in the trailers, so us will shot that. Come win, come out and also catch Psyduck (my favorite). A Magikarp encounter is the reward.

Catch the Fire-Type evolution of Eevee in Pokemon Go.

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If you recognize your Eevee evolutions, this is the most basic of the bunch. Catch a Flareon if you desire the fire evolution. You’ll be rewarded v an Arcanine conference for your trouble.