About Beauty and The Beast

"Beauty and the Beast" is a track written by lyricist Howard Ashman and also composer Alan Menken for the Disney animated attribute film Beauty and also the Beast (1991). The film"s layout song, the Broadway-inspired ballad was an initial recorded by British-American actress Angela Lansbury in her role as the voice the the character Mrs. Potts, and essentially defines the relationship between its two main personalities Belle and also the Beast, specifically how the pair has learned to expropriate their differences and in turn readjust each other for the better. Additionally, the song"s tacoemojishirt.com suggest that the emotion of love is as timeless and ageless as a "tale as old as time". Lansbury"s rendition is heard throughout the well known ballroom sequence in between Belle and the Beast, while a to reduce chorale variation plays in the closing scenes of the film, and also the song"s motif features typically in other pieces of Menken"s film score. Lansbury was initially hesitant to document "Beauty and the Beast" since she felt the it was not perfect for her aging singing voice, however ultimately completed the song in one take.more »

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Tale together old as timeTrue as it deserve to beBarely also friendsThen somebody bendsUnexpectedlyJust a small changeSmall to say the leastBoth a small scaredNeither one preparedBeauty and the BeastEver simply the sameEver a surpriseEver together beforeAnd ever just together sureAs the sun will rise, woahEver simply the same, ohAnd ever a surprise, yeahEver together beforeAnd ever before just together sureAs the sun will riseOh-oh-oohTale as old as time, a-a-ayTune as old together song, ohBitter-sweet and also strangeFinding you can changeLearning you were wrong, woahCertain as the sunCertain together the sunRising in the eastTale as old as timeSong together old as rhymeBeauty and also the BeastTale together old as timeSong together old together rhymeBeauty and also the BeastWoah a-a-ayBeauty andBeauty and the Beast

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