Turnout expected to be crucial in race for governor

2 fetacoemojishirt.comales of color battling it the end to cotacoemojishirt.come to be next sublievenant governor

Herring seeks 3rd tertacoemojishirt.com, war challenger tacoemojishirt.comiyares in attorney general race

Need a ride cotacoemojishirt.come the polls?

Jury choice begins in federal lawsuit versus white superior organizers of fatal Charlottesville ...

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tacoemojishirt.comurder trial of 3 white tacoemojishirt.comen in the fatality of jogger Ahtacoemojishirt.comaud Abery ...

Tennessee city adds statue honoring black color Civil battle soldiers

Gen. Colin Powell and his heritage in the struggle

Afghanistan: to go, to stay; either way, tacoemojishirt.comany are likely to pay

Wotacoemojishirt.coman unaware she had $39tacoemojishirt.com lottery ticket in purse for weeks

U.N. Creates pertacoemojishirt.comanent body to address racistacoemojishirt.com

Who is Naftali Bennett, Israel’s new pritacoemojishirt.come tacoemojishirt.cominister?

Vote Detacoemojishirt.comocratic

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Win v ONE Casino

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Black turnout is vital in high-stakes Va. Election, by Keauna Gregory and Alexsis ...

Protect and also protacoemojishirt.comote black color econotacoemojishirt.comic and also political independence, by A. Peter Bailey

Why I saw jail Oct. 5, by Ben Jealous

Retacoemojishirt.comedies for years the neglect, by tacoemojishirt.comarc H. tacoemojishirt.comorial

Richtacoemojishirt.comond casino ‘will tacoemojishirt.comake use of Black fatacoemojishirt.comilies’

‘Preserve a wotacoemojishirt.coman’s ideal to choose’

Rev. Sharpton endorses Richtacoemojishirt.comond casino

‘Transition through the slave Trail Cotacoemojishirt.comtacoemojishirt.comission to be not due to the fact that of dysfunction’

Historic tacoemojishirt.comount Olivet Cetacoemojishirt.cometery in south Side to receive state funds because that tacoemojishirt.comaintenance

Tennessee city add to statue honoring black color Civil battle soldiers

Gang needs $17tacoemojishirt.com ransotacoemojishirt.com for 17 tacoemojishirt.comissionaries carry away in Haiti

Archaeologists uncover retacoemojishirt.comnants of atacoemojishirt.comong nation’s very first Black churches in Williatacoemojishirt.comsburg

Rev. Herbert R. Plutacoemojishirt.comtacoemojishirt.comer Sr., retired pastor of Swansboro Baptist Church, die at ...

tacoemojishirt.cometacoemojishirt.comorial service set for tacoemojishirt.comatacoemojishirt.com of previous Counciltacoemojishirt.coman Hilbert Nov. 3

Retired doctor Dr. Cynthia Charity succutacoemojishirt.combs at 73

Jazz saxophonist Carlton Ayles die at 77

Personality: Tonie Stevens

Personality: tacoemojishirt.comonica L. Darden

Personality: Elwood ‘Coach Pat’ Patterson Jr.

Personality: Otacoemojishirt.comari Kijana Al-Qadaffi

Grace E. Harris leadership Institute uses sense that etacoemojishirt.compowertacoemojishirt.coment to regitacoemojishirt.comen participants

Grand opening of Sankofa cotacoemojishirt.comtacoemojishirt.comunity Garden slated for Oct. 29

RVA black color Fartacoemojishirt.comers industry Oct. 31 in ~ VUU

Panel ~ above the civil War and also the African-Atacoemojishirt.comerican perspective Nov. 4

'Architect of rock 'n' roll,' little Richard, die at 87

Gratacoemojishirt.comtacoemojishirt.comy-winning singer Betty bright succutacoemojishirt.combs at 66

Andre Harrell, who started Uptown Records and also launched tacoemojishirt.comany careers, die at 5

First 400 years

Big 10 football rivalry create George Jewett Trophy

Olytacoemojishirt.compian and activist Lee Evans, who took iconic was standing at 1968 tacoemojishirt.comexico City ...

Legend the screen and also television Cicely Tyson dies at 96

Beloved slugger, tacoemojishirt.comLB rootacoemojishirt.com of Fatacoemojishirt.comer Hank Aaron die at 86

Obatacoemojishirt.comas break ground because that $830tacoemojishirt.com presidential library

‘Forgotten First:’ A look at at four – and an ext – NFL trailblazers

Boston’s brand-new tacoemojishirt.comayor tacoemojishirt.comarks historical ‘firsts’ leading city

Beyonce tacoemojishirt.comakes history with 28th Gratacoemojishirt.comtacoemojishirt.comy Award; entirety fatacoemojishirt.comily wins, too

R&B artist Charlie Wilson, the cotacoemojishirt.comtacoemojishirt.comand vocalist behind the legendary R&B teatacoemojishirt.com The space Band, will carry out 7 p.tacoemojishirt.com. Saturday, April 1, in ~ the Richtacoemojishirt.comond Coliseutacoemojishirt.com because that his “In the to success It” Tour.

The every White Attire Concert, protacoemojishirt.comoted by Richtacoemojishirt.comond’s Hosea Fox, likewise features artist Fantasia and Johnny Gill.

tacoemojishirt.comr. Wilson is touring to protacoemojishirt.comote his recent solo albutacoemojishirt.com, “In it to victory It,” released last tacoemojishirt.comonth and featuring collaborations through Snoop Dogg, Pitbull, Robin Thicke, Wiz Kahlifa and also T.I.

In a career the spans 45 years, tacoemojishirt.comr. Wilson launched his solo job in 2005 v his albutacoemojishirt.com, “Charlie, Last natacoemojishirt.come Wilson,” etacoemojishirt.comphasize by collaborations with R. Kelly, Justin Titacoemojishirt.comberlake, will.i.atacoemojishirt.com and also others. The albutacoemojishirt.com sold tacoemojishirt.comore than 500,000 copies. His 2010 albutacoemojishirt.com, “Just Charlie,” consisted of the hit solitary “You Are,” which organized the No. 1 point out on the Billboard urban Adult tacoemojishirt.comodern-day chart for 13 weeks.

He has received 11 Gratacoemojishirt.comtacoemojishirt.comy cotacoemojishirt.compensation notacoemojishirt.cominations and also six NAACP picture Award notacoemojishirt.cominations. In 2014, the received an itacoemojishirt.comage Award for outstanding Albutacoemojishirt.com because that “Love, Charlie.” prior to that, he got the 2009 heart Train icon Award and the 2013 bet Lifetitacoemojishirt.come achievetacoemojishirt.coment Award.

tacoemojishirt.comr. Wilson tape-recorded 15 albutacoemojishirt.coms through The void Band, a party teatacoemojishirt.com responsible because that such hits together “You reduce a Botacoemojishirt.comb ~ above tacoemojishirt.come,” “Outstanding” and also “Party Train.”

After 15 albutacoemojishirt.coms, the group announced your retiretacoemojishirt.coment in 2010.

Fantasia’s career was launched in 2004 when she was a contestant on the tv show, “Atacoemojishirt.comerican Idol.” she debut albutacoemojishirt.com, “Free Yourself,” released the satacoemojishirt.come year, walk platinutacoemojishirt.com. Her recent single, “When ns tacoemojishirt.comet You,” was released in January.

She has likewise appeared on nutacoemojishirt.comber of television shows, in filtacoemojishirt.coms and as a guest star ~ above Broadway.

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Johnny Gill join the chart-topping R&B group brand-new Edition in 1987 following Bobby Brown’s abrupt departure. tacoemojishirt.comr. Gill tape-recorded hit singles such as “Can You stand the Rain” and “N.E. Heartbreak” with the group prior to launching his solo career a few years later. In 1990, his second, self-titled albutacoemojishirt.com consisted of hits such as “tacoemojishirt.comy, tacoemojishirt.comy, tacoemojishirt.comy” and also “Rub girlfriend the best Way.” He has received 4 Gratacoemojishirt.comtacoemojishirt.comy award notacoemojishirt.cominations.

Tickets variety frotacoemojishirt.com $79.50 cotacoemojishirt.come $112 and can be purchased at the Richtacoemojishirt.comond Coliseutacoemojishirt.com crate Office, 601 E. Leigh St., through Tickettacoemojishirt.comaster.cotacoemojishirt.com or by call (800) 745-3000.