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SynopsisChihaya-san wa Sonomama de Ii follows the life that an median high college girl, Chihaya, that thinks she is overweight and wants to shed weight. Unfortunately, its difficult for her to store her appetite in check, particularly with her childhood friend, Shima continuous bombarding her with food.Can Chihaya withstand her advice to eat and succeed in her diet?(Source: MU)


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among romance series, that is frequently rare to discover a gem the fits her bill. This is specifically true if you're into light-hearted romance + comedy. Most often, there's one of two people too much melodrama, too much fan-service, or both. Chihaya-san's Fine is among those series that, because that me, happened to examine as many great points as possible: it is a super-vanilla romance v a conclusive ending, sprinkled v tsukkomi-style humor, covering up nicely in a relaxing 4-koma slice-of-life-school-life setting.=========================================Story: 9The story progresses at a pretty pace. You never ever feel favor an arc is being dragged out as well long. Girlfriend never finish up feeling super enraged around the key ship. The finest part, though, is that the drama is incredibly light, and also yet the main point story remains interesting. The writer even satirically employ some common cliche drama troubles as humor by presenting it as light-yuri. Because that me, this to be a whole lot far better than the alternative. In fact, this is among the few mangas the actually provided the "moving" drama properly, by mirroring subsequent interactions rather of simply doing a timeskip.Only downside: There are some components in the plot the felt a small confusing and also random, and also others that felt just a small unfinished.=========================================Art: 10Not Picasso or anything, but the art really matches the characters' moods and also the existing tone of the story. Certain perfect face expressions. Nothing come complain about. That is one realistic-looking panda.=========================================Character: 10Each and also every one of the characters are correctly developed and also shows expansion throughout the series. They also grow top top the reader, so that you don't finish up hating anyone, which would be quite unfortunate in a non-dramatic romantic SoL.=========================================Enjoyment: 10I took pleasure in it. It took a tiny bit in the beginning to choose up, however once the started, the story was captivating sufficient to store me reading. Because it's an ext SoL, it likewise doesn't ache to placed on pause for a few days. Even towards the end, there to be none the the usual rushed feeling of "I have to end up this and know the ending." It simply felt like everything will work-related out.=========================================Overall: 10For a medium-length manga, you have the right to do a lot worse, specifically if what you're in search of is a nice, sweet romance-comedy through a SoL setting with no BS and also no drama.