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If her schedule in Santiago only allows you come visit one the end of the number of museums on sell in the city, us recommend without reasoning twice, you come visit the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Chile´s nationwide Fine art Museum). For the lover of culture and art exhibitions, there room several reasons why this have to be the number 1 on your cultural activity list in Santiago Chile. We put a couple of good reasons why you should not write it off here: First, this is a free activity; second, it is located in one area of the capital dotted by must-see tourist destinations, hence being one easy,inexpensive spot to gain to.

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Chile´s national Fine art Museum

Chile´s national Fine arts Museum is a building of imposing architecture sitting just accross the beautiful Parque Forestal in Santiago Downtown area. The museum was initially developed for the dissemination of arts that started to flourish in the country in mid/late nineteenth century, when its artworks began to be gathered. Since 1880 many of these an extremely paintings, portraits and also sculptures have been housed in different buildings; until, finally, in 1990, the current Palace of well Arts was developed as the definite home of an art collection that began with 140 pieces and now boasts end 5,000 (not every one of them room on display).

On the ground floor, well marble statues welcome visitors, the authorship of these statues space from both national and also international artists. On the various other facilities, the exhibit rooms room decorated with countless oil paintings of miscellaneous themes, influences and also schools. Present amongst these artworks are few of the most interesting portraits that Liberator Bernardo O’Higgins composed by the artist José Gil de Castro (the Mulato Gil), born in Peru, and later citizenized Chilean. ~ above the very first floor, over there is comprehensive room v beautiful compositions of the influential Chilean expressionist artist Israel Roa, who got several awards because that the size of his art and also came to influence future generations of artist in the country. Chile´s national Fine art Museum is not around Chilean art collections only; art lover will additionally find below Italian illustrations dating native the XV- XVII century, a large number of Spanish paintings, and also African sculptures. return it appears a lot of details to take in at once, depending on the depth of your interests, this is a visit that have the right to last indigenous 40 minutes to 3 hours. In case modern art is an ext alluring come you, the museum, throughout the year, additionally display exhibits with an ext of a modern context. Furthermore, don´t allow the uniqueness of the showcased piece distract girlfriend from the architecture of the structure itself, the bright, spacious and detailed inner is a plus for style enthusiasts.

Useful Information 

The museum has a little shop ~ above the ideal side the the main entrance. A an excellent option for those trying to find a souvenir, publications or materials with an ext information around the artworks. Guided tourism are obtainable only in Spanish, and as well as the museum´s admission, are free. Tours last 45 minutes and also follow the schedulle: Tuesday to Friday start at 10:30hr, 11:30hr, 12:30hr, 15:30hr and 16:30hr. On Saturdays and Sundays there is second tour beginning at 17:30hr. The oppening hrs are indigenous 10:00hr come 18:45hr. Chile´s nationwide fine arts Museum close the door for maintenance every Monday the the year and also on Chilean national holidays.

How to acquire There & other Tips!

The nearest metro terminal to the museum is Bellas Artes, top top the eco-friendly line.

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However, if you want to combine this task with every the others accessible in these very same surroundings, head come Universidad Catolica metro station. From over there visit GAM, stroll around Barrio Lastarria, take photos of Santiago atop the Cerro Santa Lucia hill, to lastly go come Museo de Bellas Artes, the is only a stone´s throw. at the finish of the all, treat yourself with a more than deserved and refreshing ice cream cream in ~ Emporio La Rosa, located opposite to Parque Forestal. It will certainly be one eventful work in Santiago Centro!