Few WrestleMania matches have thrilled WWE fans as much as kris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H, but due to the fact that of the tragic method in i beg your pardon Benoit"s life ended, WWE is compelled to store that standard locked in the vault.

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At WrestleMania XX in Madison Square Garden, Michaels, Benoit and also Triple H battled for the human being Heavyweight Championship in a spectacular match that ended with one iconic image that WWE has actually understandably stopped mirroring fans.

On June 24, 2007, Benoit killed his wife and also young son prior to committing suicide.

No one can blame WWE because that distancing us from Benoit, indigenous all however erasing him from the company"s history. It"s impossible to relive Benoit"s ring work-related without then thinking about his horrific last acts.

When WWE rolls the end a video clip package the WrestleMania"s best moments, it of food won"t be mirroring a victorious Benoit, stand in a shower head of confetti, his girlfriend Eddie Guerrero in ~ his side.

The Intensity, The Violence

The match that led to that photo-op was an intense, bloody battle between three an excellent performers.


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Benoit had actually won the royal Rumble to knife a shot at Triple H"s title. Michaels compelled his means into that main event.

It to be clear from the an extremely beginning just how desperate each male was to win, just how much they"d be willing to put themselves through to finish the night as champion.

The three guys landed stubborn chops to each other. Lock tossed each other out that the ring. They dealt with a fluid and also hard-hitting fight.

Along through the usual suplexes and also spinebusters one could expect from these performers, blood offered as a way to display the wrestlers" pain, your desperation and struggle.

As Benoit wrenched Michaels in the crossface, blood dripped indigenous Michaels" head ~ above Benoit"s hand. The crimson prop was later on smeared throughout Benoit"s torso as he lie atop a decimated announcement table.

The excited of this enhance was about an ext than the sum of that is violence though.

It to be the culmination that a lengthy journey for a wrestler that purists pan loved.

The undersized Benoit had actually paid his fees in Canada and Japan. He"d to be a major player in WCW. Now right here he was, toiling in ~ Madison Square Garden in the main occasion of a WrestleMania against two icons.

He didn"t disappointed either.

Along through Michaels and also Triple H, Benoit crafted a item of theater that sucked fans in early and also took them on an emotionally ride.

The Finish, The Moment

When each man was virtually spent, Michaels looked to it is in readying for a victory. The waited in the edge for either opponent to increase so he could then cracked his boot against their jaw.

Benoit rose.

Michaels charged at him, yet Benoit ducked, hurling Michaels out of the ring. Triple H then tried come pedigree Benoit, however the Wolverine regulated to counter it right into his many dangerous weapon, the crossface.

Triple H organized out because that what seemed an difficult amount the time. He stretched out come the ropes, only brief by inches. Eventually, the pains was as well much and he offered in, his submission awarding the title to Benoit.

Jim Ross who had all but lost his voice talked of Benoit"s trip to that championship, "Year ~ year, mile after ~ mile, continent ~ continent, however Benoit never offered up."

Guerrero gone into the ring to celebrate through his friend.

Both tearful, they elevated their respective championship title in the air as confetti rained down on them.

This is the form of minute that WWE should dream around creating. It was a convergence of lover stars reaching the mountain top together. The is a moment that is currently a ghost.

Legacy Lost

The means the medical professional in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind cut out the unwanted sections of his patients" memories, WWE should wish it might erase this match and the male who winner it indigenous our cumulative minds.

Benoit"s crimes can"t it is in separated from his ring resume. To look earlier at his specifying moment through WWE and not think that what became of him and his family members is an difficult task. Nothing exist in a vacuum.

Reality seeps right into the fantasy the WrestleMania XX"s key event.

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The entertainment that WWE offers can periodically dip into darkness, however even the is nowhere close to as black and also overpowering as the worst genuine life needs to offer. In the end, this is simply a wrestles match, a enhance that currently remains obscured by tragedy.