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When: Thursday, respectable 11, 2016Where: River road Ice House, brand-new Braunfels, TXOpener: Quaker City Night HawksTickets: offered OUT

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The entire nation music loving world now knows who Chris Stapleton is, although the wasn"t constantly the case... Critical October, a very huge percentage the hardcore music lover that stay REALLY tuned in to what"s walking on bought tickets to view Stapleton perform on October 25, 2015 at River road Ice House. The weather wasn"t super cooperative, and also a big rain storm at an early stage that day required the show inside, and those few lucky souls that were able to do it witnessed background in the making. I"ve had it described to me as "amazing" and also "the finest music I"ve ever before heard live" and also a couple of others, but they performed for a packed at home crowd, through the expertise that castle would need to eventually return and perform a make-up date outside to make good on the ticket sales because that a large show on the large stage.Two weeks later, chris Stapleton won CMA awards because that album that the year, new artist of the year and male vocalist that the year. He climate went top top earler this year to win many ACM, Americana Music Honors & Awards, ACCM, Billboard, brothers CMA, CMT awards and last but not least, two Grammys for best Country Album and also Best county Solo Performance! Needless to say, choices and avenues are seemingly large open contrasted to critical October, so the choice of no returning to new Braunfels because that a "make good" present would certainly be the straightforward path.Oh man did they ever make great at River road Ice house last night?! The usual band is Chris, his wife Morgane singing harmonies, J.T. Cure on bass and Derek Mixon ~ above drums. Members that the band that aren"t at every shows yet at numerous of them space Mickey Raphael on harmonica and also Robby Turner on pedal steel. Raphael has actually played v Willie Nelson because that 43 years and also was there critical night, and Robby Turner that toured with The Highwaymen and also later Waylon Jennings until Waylon"s death, yet has additionally been a walk to stole player for numerous over numerous decades.THANK girlfriend River roadway Ice house for being together a human being CLASS live music venue!Enjoy a couple of songs from last night"s show!Tennessee Whiskey (Dean Dillon/Linda Hargrove):Whiskey and also You (Chris Stapleton):