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Cindy Crawford, in full Cynthia Ann Crawford, (born February 20, 1966, DeKalb, Illinois, U.S.), American fashion model and television personality who first gained reputation in the 1980s and was amongst the very first “supermodels.”

Crawford flourished up in DeKalb, Illinois, close to Chicago, wherein her father worked as one electrician and her mother was employed as a financial institution teller. In 1982, while working throughout the summer detasseling corn on a nearby farm, she to be spotted and photographed by a regional news photographer. The following year she gotten in the look of the Year modeling challenge (later renamed Elite design Look) organized by Elite version Management, among the biggest modeling organ in the world. Her standing as a finalist secured her experienced representation, which easily generated modeling assignments. In 1984 Crawford graduated as course valedictorian from DeKalb High School and began follow a level in chemical engineering at Northwestern college on an academic scholarship. She uncovered it significantly difficult, however, to juggle school and modeling, and in 1985 she dropped out of college to version full-time.

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In 1986 Crawford relocated to brand-new York City to go after a professional modeling career. Touted as “Baby Gia” in recommendation to she resemblance come the late height fashion design Gia Carangi, Crawford automatically secured work. Her big break came once she was preferred as the cover design for the respectable 1986 worry of Vogue, the top fashion magazine, who decision no to airbrush the end the beauty mark above her top lip—which countless industry specialists deemed a flaw—set a brand-new industry standard and also ensured her eventual trademark.

Crawford’s intelligence, down-to-earth demeanour, and athletic full-bodied physique earned she a rarely cross-gender appeal. She came to be the an initial modern fashion model to show up nude in the men’s magazine Playboy (July 1988) and was preferred to host the fashion television display House that Style (1989–95), which hosted a 50 percent male audience.

In 1989 Crawford signed a four-year multimillion-dollar contract v Revlon, which got her international recognition. She was ultimately featured with other models Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, and also Tatjana Patitz on the covering of british Vogue (January 1990). The grouping of several top models top top a solitary cover attracted far-ranging attention, and the models were favored to again appear together in the pop singer George Michael’s Freedom ’90 music video. Gianni Versace, then a optimal fashion designer, consequently hired Crawford, Turlington, Evangelista, and also Campbell to at the same time walk the runway to the video at his couture display (1991), eliciting a standing ovation native the audience. The monumental occasion is thought by numerous industry professionals to have marked the main debut that the “supermodel”—a optimal fashion version who shows up simultaneously top top the covers of the world’s top fashion magazines and is worldwide recognized by first name only. Later on that year Crawford wed Hollywood actor Richard Gere; they divorce in 1995.

Crawford conveniently gained a reputation for her organization savvy and is widely thought about to be the first model come diversify she career through venturing into multiple industries. She introduced her own production company, Crawdaddy Inc., to exclusively regulate her career, and in 1992 she exit the very first installment in she fitness video trilogy, which offered millions.

As the supermodel phenomenon started to rise, Crawford to be at the head of a tiny group the models—known in the sector as “the supers”—who became an international celebrities, increasingly conquering both the high-fashion runways and the worldwide media. American singer RuPaul caught the phenomenon in the 1993 hit tune aptly title “Supermodel,” which mentioned the year’s peak models, consisting of Crawford, Turlington, Campbell, Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, and also Niki Taylor, by first name only. In 1995 Crawford appeared in a major advertising campaign for PepsiCo, Inc., and also was called the top-earning version in the people by the U.S. Publishing and also media firm Forbes.

Crawford made her exhilaration debut in the 1995 movie Fair Game and appeared in the fashion documentaries Unzipped (1995) and Catwalk (1996). She also authored Cindy Crawford’s an easy Face: A makeup Workbook (1996).

The so late 1990s significant the finish of the supermodel era. Crawford again posed nude because that Playboy (October 1998) come promote her ABC television special Sex v Cindy Crawford, which examined sexual perspectives in America. The show, however, received bad ratings. Adhering to a cooperation of more than a decade, Revlon opted not to renew that contract with Crawford. In 2000 she retired from full time modeling, having showed up on thousands of magazine covers and also walked the runways the the world’s height fashion labels, including Chanel, Valentino, and also Christian Dior.

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In the early 21st century, Crawford launched a wire of signature products. She additionally was featured in the new York urban Museum of art exhibition “The version as Muse: Embodying Fashion” (2009), i m sorry showcased the models who epitomized fashion during the 20th century. Crawford later coauthored Becoming (2015), a book around her life and also career. Her kid Presley and daughter Kaia—Crawford’s kids with her 2nd husband, Rande Gerber—were also notable models.