Step into the circus tent at Circus McGurkus cafe Stoo-pendous and dine on family members favorites such together pizza, spaghetti, fried chicken, and also burgers. For dessert, don’t miss out on out top top Dippin’ Dots ice cream. Select a table in the center ring or among the train auto booths and take in all the Seuss format circus acts. While you’re eat at Circus McGurkus cafe Stoo-pendous, make certain to wave to riders on the High in the sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride!

Circus McGurkus café Stoo-pendous is situated in the islands of Adventure design template Park. Find an ext Universal Orlando dining locations on our global Orlando will menus page.

Open daily during park hours.

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Circus McGurkus cafe Stoo-pendous Menu

Menu day 02/2020


Super Spaghetti & Meatballs Comboserved with a side Caesar salad – $13.39

Super Spaghetti & Meatballs – $9.29

Bacon Cheeseburger Comboserved with fries and also a slice of apologize pie – $16.79

Bacon Cheeseburger Platterserved v fries – $13.99

Cheeseburger Comboserved v fries and also a part of apologize pie – $15.99

Cheeseburger Platterserved with fries – $12.99

Chicken Sandwich Comboserved with fries and a part of apple pie – $14.29

Chicken Sandwich Platterserved v fries – $11.49

Fried ChickenServed with mashed potatoes and also corn on the cob. Combos incorporate a side Caesar salad – $12.99

Chicken Caesar Salad Comboserved through Breadstick – $12.49

Tropical Grilled Chicken Salad Combospring mix with cabbage, roasted almonds, dried cranberries, cucumbers, grape tomatoes with a pineapple vinaigrette, marinated chicken and also breadstick – $12.49


Combos offered with a side Caesar salad

Cheese PizzaCombo – $14.09Jumbo slice – $9.99Whole Pizza Pie – $34.99

Pepperoni PizzaCombo – $15.09Jumbo slice – $10.99Whole Pizza Pie – $38.99

Meat lovers PizzaCombo – $16.09Jumbo slice – $12.99Whole Pizza Pie – $39.99


French Fries – $3.49

Small Caesar Salad – $6.99

Side Biscuit – $1.99

Side Corn ~ above the Cob – $3.49

Side Mashed Potatoes – $3.49

Coca-Cola Freestyle Souvenir Cups

Coca-Cola Freestyle Souvenir CupEnjoy an ext than 100 drink choices and refills thru the day v the Coca-Cola Freestyle souvenir cup. Acquire 3 – 6 souvenir cups for 412.99 each, 2 because that $15.99 each, or 1 for $16.99 at participating Coca-Cola Freestyle locations. – $16.99

Extra job of refills because that Freestyle CupAdd one extra job of refills thru the day to your formerly purchased Coca-Cola freestyle Souvenir Cup – $9.99

Bubbulous Beverages

Single serve Coca-Cola Freestyle cupEnjoy an ext than 100 drink choices with the Coca-Cola freestyle single-serve cup – $4.19

PoweradeFruit Punch, hill Berry Blast – $5.00

Minute Maid JuiceApple, Orange – $2.89

H20 + Premium Water – $5.00

Milk – $3.29

Hot BeveragesCoffee, warm Tea, warm Cocoa – $3.29

Dippin’ Dots (Temporarily Unavailable)

Dippin’ DotsChocolate, Cookie Dough, Cookies and also Cream, cotton Candy, Rainbow ice cream – $4.69


Apple Pie Slice – $3.29

Brownie w/o Nuts – $3.99

Brookie CakeChocolate chip cookie fill brownie cake slice – $4.49

***Circus McGurkus coffee shop Stoo-pendous menu & Prices are Subject to readjust Without Notice***