.....City Parks & Tennis courts are open up to Public.....City Park hours are from 6:00 to be to 11:00 pm...

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....Free cycle Rentals are accessible at assorted city locations! view Flyer

Run method Run outcomes & video clip Below... New Fitness facility Opens. Click Health & health Blog box for a short video clip and more information.





Health and Wellness — new Fitness Center

The City that Laredo the supervisory board Member for ar 6, Dr. Marte Martinez, celebrated a ribbon-cutting ceremony to present a new Fitness center at North main Park ~ above Monday, October 25,...

Color her favorite Park Facility.

Check out the yes, really City that Laredo Park framework that you or your child can download and also color either with markers or crayons. We will be including additional infrastructure in...

Hidden Gems

The Shiloh Hike & cycle Trails. A 7 mile popular trail located on Shiloh Drive and Livingston drive in Laredo Texas. Shiloh Trails is a perfect follow for every ages...

To supply services that improve the high quality of life of every citizens through educational and recreational programming and effectively maintain and develop Laredo’s park system.
It provides various sports events such together 5k runs, swim meets, tennis and also softball tournaments, basketball and also volleyball leagues, and various track and also field events and competitions. We also host special occasions such as concerts, fiestas and holiday celebrations. In addition, we have baseball and soccer fields, recreation centers, libraries, trails, rental facilities, and various parks v amenities for the neighborhood to enjoy. For water pleasure, the Aquatics department offers class in water aerobics, lap swimming, and also learn come swim classes.
Recreation Centers sell basketball and volleyball games and leagues, Zumba, aerobics, skateboarding, chess, martial arts, boxing, alternate sports, alternative aerobics, INEA classes, computer classes, arts and also crafts activities and after institution programs also as variety of unique events.
For any questions or comments, please fill the end the box below. If you have a complaint or concern, please click on the box labeled "Complaint" and follow the on-screen steps.

Our Duty

To provide services that boost the high quality of life of every citizens v recreational programming and effectively maintain and also develop Laredo"s park system.

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Our Goal

The difficulty of the City of Laredo Parks and also Rec department is a difficulty that this employees take really seriously. "We work hard so the others have the right to play," is the motto that the over 200 employee of the department.