For taxes assessment information and also property tax details 24 hours a job or to pay your taxes,pleaseclick here.

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Open invoices (special assessments, various invoices, etc.) are now available on the residential or commercial property tax details web page in addition to utility billing and also building permits. Click HereTax payments need to be for the precise amount or will certainly be rejected, nevertheless of paying on line, or by mail. PLEASE execute NOT ring UP her CENTS!

Summer taxes are being mailed June 30th and are due respectable 20th. If you choose to pay by installments, the very first installment is due by respectable 20th or you should pay the entire tax bill in complete with interest.Your winter tax bill will be mailed December first and will certainly be early on February 15, 2022. Please contact my office should you not get your bill by the middle of December.Citizens have the right to avoid the lengthy lines in ~ the Cashier home window by payment by mail, net or using the City"s drop box. The Treasurer"s Office accepts postmarks because that taxes and also water bills.

You may also pay her tax and water receipt at Lincoln Park neighborhood Credit Union, 1400 Emmons, Lincoln Park. You perform not need to be a member to pay your bill there. Friend must have your taxes or water bill with you and they do not accept credit cards.

Credit cards are welcomed at City Hall and the web with a 3% convenience fee because that each transaction (with a minimum the $2.00).Echecks space now obtainable for digital payments only with a convenience fees of $3.00. Need to the check be went back to us, you will be fee $45.00 and if the check is no made good, your payment will be reversed.

As component of ours commitment to administer citizens v efficient, practically service, City of Lincoln Park has actually partnered with point and Pay services to offer payment of counting andwater billsover the Internet. Visit our frontpage the the website and also click top top thePayYour taxes Bill OnlineorPay your Water bill Online. Paying by telephone will certainly no longer be available.

When payment taxes online, you need to pay the complete amount that the tax bill or the specified installment amount. Any other payments will certainly be rejected. We execute not expropriate partial payments.

American Express®, Discover®, understand Card®, and Visa®credit and debit cards room accepted.Point and also Pay,the service provider, fees a convenience fee because that payment processing. EChecks room available, but if it is returned to us, you will certainly be assessed v a $45.00 NSF fee and also your payment will be reversed.

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All unpaid taxes have actually been transferred to Wayne county Treasurer as of march 1st.The City only collects current year taxes. Need to you have any questions concerning your front year delinquent taxes, please speak to 313-224-5990 or