Various credit transaction Unions adopt OLB and also email for Multi-Channel Marketing

Huntsville, AL, November 4, 2011 – Inc. ( today announced that much more credit unions had actually selected OLB and also email for their e-marketing efforts through the online banking and also email channels. Amongst the recent customers because that are: credit transaction Union of brand-new Jersey, new Jersey v both OLB and Email; changing Seasons Federal credit Union, Maine – OLB; ann Arundel County employees Federal credit transaction Union, Maryland – OLB; City of Memphis credit Union, Tennessee – both OLB and Email.

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Credit Union of brand-new Jersey has been offer its members because that over 65 years. Beginning as a credit union for state highway department employees, they now incorporate over 200 added organizations. Considered a steady institution, they keep their emphasis on their members. They use Intuit Financial solutions for their virtual banking.

Changing periods Federal credit transaction Union was originally recognized as Bangor Hydro Federal credit Union and today serves number of towns consisting of Bangor, Brewer and Hampden. While serving the financial requirements of this communities, they likewise focus on community involvement and also partnerships that deserve to support their members. Their digital banking system is Symitar NTMC native Jack Henry and Associates and also serviced by Synergent Solutions

Anne Arundel County employees Federal credit Union was chartered in 1964 and also its member is made up of employees and also families of ann Arundel county government and also Board of Education. Their digital banking device is Symitar NTMC which they space planning to migrate to NetTeller in in march of 2012; both are commodities from Jack Henry and also Associates. AACE FCU witnessed the earnings potential of incorporating immediately, and will be making use of’s totally free migration choice to NetTeller following year.

Since opened its doors in 1959, City that Memphis credit Union has available high quality financial services to its members in and also around Memphis, Tennessee. Their online banking is NetTeller from Jack Henry and also Associates and they space now extending the usage of digital media for marketing with OLB and Email.’s flagship product, OLB takes benefit of priceless digital real estate within online banking because that cross-selling and communicating through account holders. It is a secure, held online declaring solution developed on a one-to-one, multi-channel offer administration platform. OLB presents extremely targeted and personalized provides to members within miscellaneous online bank platforms.

Highly measurable, OLB has a proven track record of generating huge numbers of brand-new accounts and also balances through an exceptionally high software application return on investment (ROI). Email take away the focus on targeting and personalization into the realm of email marketing. Distinctive for its rich user experience, particularly in making use of rules to individually target email recipients v applicable images and also messages, email takes the complexity out of producing personalized, relevant and therefore, highly effective, emails.

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