If you’re looking for the ultimate TH10 HYBRID/TROPHY basic 2020! | city Hall 10 (TH10) Hybrid Base architecture – Clash of Clans, then you have concerned the appropriate place. This base is one of the best base for coc town Hall 10 accessible on YouTube. This city Hall 10 coc basic layout have the right to be provided for Trophy pushing. Come know an ext about this TH10 finest coc base, proceed reading this post.

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Hey guys, dark barbarian here, today we’re making a new town room 10 base, this base is an adaptation from mine TH9 base, the base functioned really well because that me, so believed why no make a TH10 version of the base, for this reason that’s what we’re walk to execute today, this is a hybrid base, that way it’ll assist you in saving your booty while keeping your trophies, I’ll be doing a detailed malfunction of the basic in the base evaluation part


let’s do the basic analysis

The first thing girlfriend can notification is the the city hall is well safeguarded in the center because it has some booty in it and also it is worth one star, for this reason it is among the simple rules to store in mind while making a hybrid base.

Mortars start shedding their importance as we begin moving higher town hall levels, so over there is no allude in keeping them well protected in the center as lock don’t administer much defense in return. We have actually placed them much more towards the outer component of the basic so the they can aid us in against spam strikes like BARCH, mass Goblins, etc, they too space evenly placed and also they sheathe the totality base.


the placements that archer towers room done in such a way that their variety covers the entirety base, which means the base is fine secured against air strikes from all sides.

The sorcerer’s towers space spread out, so the they don’t gain taken the end altogether while offering a balance to the base. Castle are inserted in such a means they provide protection come both main defenses in the core and the defenses in the direction of the outer side of the base. Castle also carry out air splash damages coverage to pretty much most of the base spanning a the majority of defenses in their range.


Air defenses are placed away from one one more in different compartments to safeguard them from gift taken out by lightning spells in a group. Lock are inserted in compartments near the core of the base, they have air sweepers fine paired with them contributing to rise in the protection against air attacks like lava loon, fixed dragons.

inferno towers space pretty much the most crucial defense we have at city hall 10, so that is our utmost priority to store them safe while making complete use of your potential to boost the efficiency of the base, hence, I’ve made decision to place them near the core of the base, because here they room well protected as well as their range covers a many of main defenses and also important stuff favor the town hall and also dark elixir storage.


you can collection the setting of inferno tower according to the militaries you’re getting attacked with, for low hitpoint and high convoy count armies like miners, bowlers, witches multiple settings is recommended, but versus stronger armies with high hitpoint and lower troop count favor golems, electro dragons and pekkas, single-mode would certainly be a far better choice.

The Xbows room spread the end in a method they provide cover to pretty much the entirety base, lock are set on both ground and air as I was getting assaulted by both ground and also air armies, setup it on the soil only simply for the increased selection isn’t really worth it.


Cannons fill the remainder of the spaces in the base and provide a good balance to the base which helps united state in defending against ground assault armies.

overall, the protective placements room evenly done.

Now, comes to the storages, they are put in various compartments, uneven the bases you typically see where many of the storages are put in a single compartment. Each storage is inserted in a different compartment that way the adversary has to take the end the entirety base in order to obtain all the loot.

We’ve also placed the storages alternatively, therefore that even if the opponent takes out this part of the base, us don’t shed all the storages the the exact same kind that resources, because that example, if we placed all the gold storages top top this next of the base, the attacker can take nearly all your gold just by taking out this portion of the base. And if us are shedding the loot, it’s far better to shed it in a balanced method rather than shedding all the booty of one type of resource, for this reason to avoid that, we place them alternatively, just like our base.

our Dark Elixir warehouse is well safeguarded in the main point compartment that the base, i m sorry is quite tough to gain into, which means that our dark elixir is going come be for sure in this base.

we have also kept ours dark elixir drills within unlike most human being who carelessly litter them outside unknowingly hurting their dark elixir farming process.

Now coming to the location of the traps, after monitoring of so many attacks on this base, spring traps, and also giant bombs space strategically inserted in different compartments according to the pathing of defense attack troops prefer hogs and also giants, which help in do this base stronger against ground attacks.

now coming to the outer buildings you can customize wherein you want to placed them follow to her choice. Simply make sure you don’t put the same type of collectors every together, otherwise, the opponent will take all her loot in the collectors really easily.

That’s it because that the basic Analysis

Even though the base itself is solid enough, having actually troops in her clan lock can help a lot, together clan lock troops will aid you in wasting enemies troops and also time, so having actually an electro dragon is recommended yet if your clan can’t donate girlfriend that, noþeles will carry out the job. Now, I’ve left a copy connect for this basic in the an initial pinned comment, so that you males can easily copy it.


Using clan castle troops because that defending her base is very recommended together they have the right to put the attacker in problem by distracting them. Also though the base alone is adequate to stop most of the strikes used by town Hall 10 attackers, utilizing the clan lock can aid a lot. At city Hall 10 girlfriend can get Maximum of 35 housing room in her clan castle, here are few of my recommendations for CC troops combinations for defense at city Hall 10 :-

1 Electro Dragon + 1 Balloon(Recommended)1 baby Dragon + 2 Valkyrie + 2 Wizard1 Golem + 1 magician + 1 Archer1 Witch + 5 Wizards + 3 Archers1 Lava Hound+ 1 Balloon1 Dragon + 3 sorcerer’s + 1 Archer

Since most human being can’t gain these troops from your clans, you can also use other troop combinations which room easily available like all wizards, every balloons or any other troop mix but i very recommend you to have over mentioned troops for ideal defensive endure at city Hall 10.

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Dark Elixir storage well defended right in the coreAir Defenses are well protectedPerfect traps placement according come troops pathingHeroes well protected near the centerWizard Towers in well-protected in various compartmentsGreat against Both soil & wait AttacksInferno towers fine protectedX-bows in well defended covering the whole baseArcher Towers in each corner of the base.


If you want to copy this base just click the Copy base Button, it will certainly redirect you, from wherein you can quickly copy this basic design.