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Finnish developer Supercell is best known because that its mobile games Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, and today, that announced plan to expand that fantasy world in a large way. Supercell revealed the three new Clash titles space in development. “On height of supplying a new Clash suffer to current players, we want to increase Clash to brand-new audiences that haven’t proficient Clash before,” the developer composed in a blog post.

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The gamings include: Clash Quest, a turn-based tactical adventure game; Clash Mini, a online board game where you build teams of lover miniatures; and Clash Heroes, a co-op action roleplaying game. Supercell likewise notes the they’re all fairly early in breakthrough and will likely readjust in some ways as things progress.

In fact, the developer is somewhat well known for killing gamings in beta, so several of these titles might not watch a large release at all. “With your feedback, we think these 3 can end up being the an excellent games the Clash pan deserve,” the developer says. “If they don’t meet the standards though, we’ll death them and also move on to other attempts.”

Even still, the trio of gamings represents a big push from the agency to expand its renowned fantasy universe; last year, Supercell additionally launched its very first CG man short, and in 2016, there to be a Clash webseries helmed by authors who worked on The Simpsons. The push additionally shows the company’s development in current years. Two of the gamings — Mini and Heroes — will certainly be the an initial titles the end of Supercell’s brand-new Shanghai studio.

“It’s vital to keep in mind that the Clash of Clans and also Clash Royale game teams are 100 percent different from the three Clash gamings (and the dev groups behind them),” the developer says. “Meaning these brand-new Clash gamings won’t affect any advancement or assistance for currently Supercell games.”

There’s no word on when any kind of of the new games will start rolling the end in beta, but Supercell states it also has several various other non-Clash games in development.

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