Hey guys, together always, Supercell is going to relax a huge winter upgrade this December for Clash the Clans with loads of brand-new stuffs!

In this new update, Supercell is again distinguishing and also bolstering town Hall 11 attacks. Also, us will have loads of new great sluggish systems for all city Hall levels.

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Let’s take it a look!


Clash the Clans December 2016 update – The Winter Update

New level for city Hall 11

Heroes level 41-45.Clan lock level 7.Hog rider level 7.Golem level 6.Poison spell level 5.


These new changes to city Hall 11 definitely help sharpen the line between Town hall 10 and also Town room 11 raids!

Increasing Clan lock max level come 7 is a vital attack boost, permitting Town room 11 players to request larger Spells prefer Freeze or Rage right into the battle!

Poison assignment radius increased

This will definitely helps Clashers using the poison Spell a lot much easier than before!

Witch HP and also damage increased

Witch hasn’t been used a lot these days. Hope this update can put she to right here we want her come be. Much better damage, better userate!

Balloon initial assault speed slightly increased

Which way Balloon now attacks the target a bit quicker than prior to after reaching it.

Dragon assault speed increased, damages decreased

This provides its DPS unchanged.

P.E.K.K.A assault sped increased, damage decreased

DPS remains. This help P.E.K.K.A a an excellent chance come flex she muscles, particularly when fast attack speed troops choose Bowler and Valkyrie room being used a lot!


Wizard Tower level 10 for city Hall 11

The wizard Tower level 9 is now moved down to city Hall 10.

Hands under the late-game magician Towers space still not an excellent enough. This upgrade will offer Town room 11 a far better established defense.


New wall level 12 for city Hall 11 (max 50 pieces)

Feels bad when city Hall 10 football player can get through your walls easily?

New upgrade Discounts (time and also cost):Barbarian King level 31-40Archer Queen level 26-40Wall levels 10-11Wizard Tower levels 3-9Clan castle levels 5-6Hog driver (all levels)Golem (all levels)

Other Changes

New 15-minute and also 30-minute options for Friendly war Challenges.Clan mail cooldown lessened to 1h (from 12h).Better Builder suggestions.

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And too many of brand-new graphic changes….