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The UF Clinical and Translational science Institute exist to speed explorations toward far better health.

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The UF Clinical and Translational scientific research Institute exists to speed discoveries toward better health. By connecting resources, people and ideas, the academy expands cooperation and advancements translational research across UF and its 16 colleges, Florida State University, the college of Miami, the state that Florida, and also the national Clinical and Translational science Awards Consortium, i beg your pardon is funded by the National center for advancing Translational scientific researches of the nationwide Institutes of Health.

The CTSA regimen supports a network of more than 50 clinical research establishments that pat a pivotal duty in the NCATS mission to get an ext treatments to an ext patients more quickly. Due to the fact that 2009, the Clinical and Translational scientific research Institute has received two NIH CTSAs totaling an ext than $46 million. Clinical and also Translational science Institute study services and also resources assist more than 1,000 faculty every year, and also the institute incubates transformative programs the create new capabilities because that research and also translation come practice. That is programs have risen to national prominence and spurred UF preeminence campaigns in genomic medicine, metabolomics, biomedical informatics, translational communication and social network analysis.


The Clinical and also Translational scientific research Institute also serves together a main hub for translational scientific research education and training at UF, promoting a vibrant and also multidisciplinary ar of scholars, trainees, mentors and research professionals throughout 11 colleges and also four campuses. The institute is headquartered in the Clinical and Translational research study Building, a 120,000-square-foot LEED Platinum facility that opened up in 2013. The structure houses patient-oriented study venues and teams for the CTSI and the institute on Aging, and the departments of biostatistics, epidemiology, and health outcomes and biomedical informatics.

During an ext than 50 year of NIH funding, the CTSI’s Clinical Research center has gone to the forefront of gene therapy, pharmacogenomics and research on rare diseases.

In 2017-18, teams in the CTRB contributed to research jobs supported by 318 awards totaling an ext than $243 million.

The CTSI serves together the coordinating facility for the OneFlorida Clinical research study Consortium, i beg your pardon bridges the nation’s third-largest state to two national research networks. UF led the production of OneFlorida in 2013 in participation with Florida State University and the college of Miami.

UF and also OneFlorida received a five-year,$12 million award in 2018 to serve as a recruitment facility for the NIH all of Us precision medication initiative. As component of the south east Enrollment Center, led through the university of Miami in teamwork with UF, Emory University and Morehouse institution of Medicine, OneFlorida will enroll more than 4,000 participants per year in this nationwide research regime to advancement precision medication by gathering health and wellness data from an ext than 1 million people in the U.S. UF will additionally serve as the data coordinating facility for the SEEC.

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