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ns am yes, really pleased v this album after numerous listens, despite it does seem a tiny short to me, nevertheless of the truth that it"s fifty percent of a dual album.I think most fans that Coheed"s earlier albums will find something to choose on this album, together was the instance for me. To offer a rapid recap of whereby I"m comes from: i adore their first three albums, think "No human being for Tomorrow" was there an initial stumble (though by no means a poor album), and was rather disappointed by "Year the the black Rainbow", though also that one had some good tracks. Over all, i feel choose the top quality of their albums has been slipping because the phenomenal "From are afraid Through the eyes of Madness". To me, the industrial sounds on black color Rainbow were simply too lot of a departure from their sound and signature style, and also being a pan of classic prog rock, I greatly missed the more complex song frameworks which were shed to the 4-5 minute, verse-chorus-verse kind tracks on black Rainbow.Of course, some people thought that was their finest one. Those people may be disappointed with this effort.Standout tracks for me are "The Afterman", "Goodnight, same Lady", and "Evagria the Faithful". However, there is no a solitary song on this album ns strongly dislike, which there were numerous of on black color Rainbow. That remains strong from start to end, and also it"s brevity means that through the critical track you room still longing for more! no one of the hooks quite reach the catchiness of your first couple of albums, despite they do harken ago to that sound.Lastly, the is great having josh Eppard earlier on drums. He is so lot more free to the band"s sound. Kris Pennie, while a great drummer in his own right, was much much more technical and also just didn"t fit the sound of this band. Josh may not have actually the technical skill Chris has, but his grooves (for lack of a an ext technical word) are lot better. Great to have actually him back!After part disappointment v their last 2 albums, ns wasn"t even an extremely excited for this one, yet I was very pleasantly surprised! It has actually my recommendation. I am now looking front to Descension in February.EDIT: After giving this one some time, it flourished on me and wouldn"t quit. Easily 5 stars and also the best album I"ve heard from these men in many years (maybe ever).

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Sometimes the albums the take a while to creep up on you are the best! This one definitely falls into that category.