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Mason Cole - Michigan


Position: OL

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 305

Year: Senior

Hometown: Tarpon Springs, FL

Experience: 4-Year Starter



40yd dash: 5.23s

Broad jump: 104 in.

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Vertical: 23.5 in.

3-cone: 7.77s

20yd. Shuttle: DNP

Bench Press: 23 reps


Career Notes:

Cole was the very first true student in the first year to begin on the Wolverines offensive line for a season-opener in the school’s background in 2014. He started all twelve games in which the played. As a sophomore, Cole went back as a starter in ~ tackle for every thirteen gamings of the 2015 season. Strange enough, in his very first two years together a starter moving approximately the Michigan line, he never played in ~ center. That relocate was to take place in his junior year.

In 2016, Cole observed his an initial start at facility where that would stay for the season. At facility he prospered into a nationally known talent and also he racked increase All-Big Ten 2nd Team honors native coaches and also the media.

His an elderly season in 2017 verified to be a challenging one together Cole switched to left tackle. His performance was solid, however the team roughly him struggled. Also though Michigan’s offensive line was in the bottom third of the NCAA for sacks allowed, he to be awarded a spot on the All-Big Ten second Team native the linked Press. He finished his career through 51 continuous starts and also no missed games.


Injury Report:

Cole has not to let go a game due to injury in his four years ~ above the Michigan attack line.


Career Stats:



Run prevent 3.25/5.0: From the interior, Cole to be a valuable blocker and also sealed turn off inside area consistently. His stocky structure gave him organic leverage and low pad level. As a tackle, the looked out of sorts in ~ times, however over the course of a video game he would find his organic rhythm. Versus Ohio State’s star-studded defensive line, he to be a formidable blocker and consistently stayed in between runners and also defenders. The did not often impose his will certainly on the perimeter, but he was strong enough to continue to be on his feet.


Pass defense 2.5/5.0: At center, Cole to be a repetitively patient pass-blocker and kept his head on a swivel. He let operation defenders initiate call and absorbed it well to preserve a clean pocket. His patience permitted him to handle twists consistently. He had light feet to assist the guards on either side of him. On a couple of plays, he was able to help both of his guards v pass rushers one-after-the-other. His move to tackle observed a precipitous fall in his capability to safeguard the pass. He to be much much less patient and much much more vulnerable to bending at the hips. Longer pass-rushers might take benefit of his arm length which created short pockets because that a rotation the Wolverine quarterbacks. That said, Michigan’s quarterbacks were especially antsy in the bag in 2017 and a great chunk that the sacks he permitted could have actually been just as quickly pinned ~ above the passers.


Agility 3.0/5.0: wherein his an approach lacked in 2017, Cole’s agility could compensate to a degree. He readjusted his feet pretty quickly, which became necessary as rate rushers tried come take benefit of a much shorter stride top top his kick-slide. Whenever he was beat by a happen rush move, he can quickly recover and also give a second effort to nudge players and also give his passers an extra mite to find a target or eliminate the ball. He no play v otherworldly quickness, however his athleticism no a liability.


Summary: Had Cole continued to be at facility in 2017, he likely would have garnered more recognition together a prevent talent. Considering the was playing out of place for a Wolverine team that necessary a trusted left tackle, Cole placed together an impressive an elderly season. On display screen passes this year, he still flexed the mobility he proved on the internal of the line in 2016. His hand location in the pass and also in the operation was consistent, no matter where he played on the offensive line. From the belt up, the was simply as technically sound this season together he was last season. He clogged pretty well because that Michigan as a senior, however never seemed to figure out just how to comfortably collection up his feet versus a happen rush at tackle.

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Overall grade 2.9/5.0


If drafted by the Packers:

Cole might be a useful hand similar to Justin McCray along a Packers offensive line which constantly seems to have actually someone hurt. Being able to handle a season at center and also a season in ~ left tackle will be a quite feather in Cole’s lid going right into the draft. He would be a an important fourth or 5th round pick if the Packers use the very first three rounds to address receiver, happen rusher, and cornerback. As a work 3 pick, he could grow into a beginning guard or center. His mobility and awareness do him an asset on the interior of the line. In Mike McCarthy’s zone-dominant run offense, Cole’s stocky frame and agility would be well-suited to make an impact.